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@Josephk: Glad to see someone surpised about Gauntly's surpise enterence into the battle!
So here is an example of one of the characters I'm planning to submit for Author Battle, whose a W.I.P. I need to sort out the skin tone (it's a mess, I know), but besides that this will be his final look. Feedback and any ideas would be great!
> Realize the world is being attacked by the great god of inconvenience. Schedule a good time to stop him.
Please write a chapter with Sushi Gummi. That would be heavenly.
> Declare victory, then run off to fight an evil bacon god.
> Have a boss fight with the ground. For your first attack, use head butt.
May 31st, 2013
you should try out for this:

your work is amazing. you could win this.
> Wonder why the loniest pixel is following you.
> Get robbed by a fat man.
> Do what Aqua-Man would do. Thus, act like a retard and yell "WHALES!" for the next five minutes.
> Name the place you are currently on Uohmplarth, as that sounds really bad ass to you. Afterwards, feeling extremly bad ass and awesome because of your naming skills, name yourself the king of Uohmplarth.
> Be the floor. Always be the floor.
> Find a way to shave your hair, because it is MESSY. What kind of janitor would you be if you had messy hair?

This also turns out to be your mid-life crisis.
>Break the chalkboard out of rage of how dirty it is.
> Shot the purple thing's brain into millions of pieces, and then commence with a dance.
"He was too cute to die..."

@Animasword: Yeah, guessed so.

Well, can't wait to see what you have planned for the next season.
This sounds like a great cast...

But I must ask, could we send in another char., just in case Null doesn't get in, or do you already have a backup plan?
Stab cat with yourself.
@Mundius: Like all good things do....