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Feel free to enjoy my other comic while you wait:

Yes its posted on a forum, but meh. I like the community to much to move it away.
Hey, guess which comic is now my second priority. Yeah, sorry.

There will still be updates, just alot less frequently, although i do promise one here before next week (fine, next monday).
Now you say it, damn, thats uncanny.
Bone armour + purity seals + mask? I think thats a death cult assassin.
1 Harlequin, 1 death cult assassin.

And yes, that was a comic, but more importantly, it was filler, while I work on a longer one.
January 17th, 2009
I just read this comic once again. It still makes me laugh pretty damn hard.
I think that was fast enough...

Edit: So yeah, you ever noticed how there are so many units in 40k that do that kind of stuff. I actually had to pick which ones to draw and which ones not to.
Sorry, I know its been ages, but I promise a comic soon.
So, the small amount of work id done on this comic was just lost in an inkscape crash when I was about to save it. Yay.
Well, this section does go on for another 4 comics + an animation (flash), so its still possible.
Well, odds are you'll see it before the bit im working on now. Its animated and stuff. (note: may or may not actually be finished ever)
Le comic!
@kais: no, its just got back from it. I just havent updated the news yet.
@T1868: They make a nice pair, dont they?
@bob: please come back! I want a valid responce!
*group high five*
We might also say that fail troll got owned.
Well, I'm glad to see you have such a strong opinion on the matter. As a matter of fact I agree to an extent. I was inspired by Z-axis' comic, and I do believe my comic isnt as good. However, I am quite offended by saying my comic is a failure. I know there are many people who enjoy my comic, Z-axis being one of them, and to be honest, if thats a failure then I clearly misunderstand the meaning of the word. Also, get yourself a hobby that doesnt involve trolling. Your giving a bad name to the name bob.
Look! Original content! Now shut up askaris.
Oh look, this stuff is back. Over the course of my holidays, I shall be redrawing, and possibly be rewriting, all the strips done thus far in this lovely neat style, as well as adding in some nice short comics just for a laugh from time to time.

So yeah, we're back.
Shitty exposition strips are over! Go us!
(also, that guy has a helmet. Not grey skin and bad hair)