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Hm... a description of myself eh? Eh...

...umm... I can't really describe myself with words. That's why I draw instead. I guess every little bit I draw, whether it be a stickman or something completely random, resembles me in some sort of way.

"Art is to express, not to impress."
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this comic again
Well, on the bright side...
This came out before Duke Nukem Forever.
100% true story. No joke. I actually DID show up at his door, charged inside, pushed his wife out of the way and ripped the game out of the Saturn, chucked it across the room, did some freaky freak out on it then ran home to tell him on MSN that I saved his life.
Mind if I use this comic as an example?
As much as I hate sprite comics, I like this one a lot better than all the other ones out there. In fact, I actually feel like favouriting this one. I like how you make completely new characters with the old sprites instead of taking the old characters and mixing them with new or making them out of character and crap like that. Very cheesy story, but it's got a certain degree of charm to it.

Keep it up! :)
Rocket Ninja? You better have not...
It is true. I've been in his closet and I fell in love. No joke. IT'S GOT A SECRET COMPARTMENT!!
I'm the master at singing on Rock Band with my stellar 30% average on Easy! (True story)
I'm hiding in the cupboard. Little do people know is that I'm actually in every comic strip, just hiding behind things. ;)