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you took two sleeping bags out of your tiny little back pack?

its bigger on the inside.
whats a lucky egg?
panel four George reminds me of the kid from iron giant
damn, i lost, only one thing to do now...fucking run, I am not letting him take my jumper!
I don't think that DT is gonna have to much luck with this one
don't worry when we get married you can have my last name
sigh...commence the angst phase of the relationship
oh, it was really close to here, my parents were, um, just really old fashioned
um, if you're just now falling for her, what the hell was all that romance earlier for, really there were even a number of kisses is a person who has been sealed in a shrine for a few hundred years only to be freed by you and declares you to be her master within seconds of meeting normal compared to everyday work drama
j:oh, uh, sorry I've already got a partner, I'd be more than happy to model with you though
that must be how she found them so quickly, her gaydar detected the rainbows leaving the building in great abundance
that second panel there it looks like seiya is goin for...something that may make jade really uncomfortable
having only gay characters would be a bit strange being as the vast majority of the human population identifies as "straight"(whatever that means) we were bound to run into some breeders eventually
it doesnt have to hun, just love her back and everything will work out, it always does in these types of stories.
January 19th, 2012
so...she got hit by a car fell into a coma, and her subconscious is hitting on her?