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PiKaabii Sonic
I like Kirby, Sonic, Flash, Deadpool, Megaman, and football but I suck at it. I dunno how to sprite or draw but I have been with smackjeeves since i learned how to use the computer.
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Maybe Cherman could win with the newfound hatred between the tribes.
Roger> Save Edd
Edd> panic
Frank might be foolish enough to give it away....
@locoroco1: I believe it is Mage.
Air Man: Lead the way.
Mega man: follow
I'd rather have Deadpool or The Flash in the tourney.

Wow, 5 Marvel characters are here.
both: pick all pples, put in inventory and continue east.
I wonder whom will go home.
Roger: put all things on ground into inventory
Edd: urge to continue exploring.
for me, either spiderman vs. robin or kirby vs. super buu
Tofu is becoming a power player, figuritively of course.
I regret saying this, but what about nightcrawler?
Cool avatar, where from?
@PhantomJames: The Big Bang Theory, too!
Meta Knight should win.
Tofu and Kathy seem to be the swing vote, hm.
Tofu, vote out Starr, Glee must die!
I think, carbo will out Ieaka or Priscilla if she blows it, and for Amatri, Summer is probably going.