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The Bearded Man
Before I was born I did not live.
Enthusiastically enough, I could also add:
After I die I will not live either.
Rather than speaking of my mortality, lets give out facts about my existence.
Day after day I think about comics and how could I make an awesome comic using the best of my strenghts.
Entertaining myself by reading other comics do help me in that process too.
Do I need to say more than "I was born to make comics"?

My dream is to live off what I draw.
Acknowledging, thought, that it is very unlikely in our current society.
Not that I'm not good at anything else.

Now that you know about my dreams, let's talk about my tastes.
Unfortunately, I tend to lose interest in something when it draws people with no interest for intelligent conversation near.
For those wondering, yes, I am speaking of overrated things with mindless fan bases.
Fortunately enough, we don't find any of those here.

Sorry if I am boring you with this purposeless text.
Also, you might consider that I wrote all of this for a reason.
I'd like to reveal that purpose now.
Do you mind if I ask you to read the first capital letter of each and every sentences of this text?
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    Emmanuel Blouin
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Wait a minute..
so they're all girls.. oh.
The ram girl is questioning her life choices. Priceless.
@Annabeld: why thank you very much!~
@Annabeld: My plan worked. Now I will further confuse you with my amazing updating rate of nearly -1 page per week.
*Poui poui*
@uglyfun: Ok I'll PM you on here.
@uglyfun: Oh! Is there a way for me to get one?
All this art will be so precious in printed form. ouo
The ship is unstoppable!
Hehehe... This page... >w>
Can I take a second of my life and say that I absolutely love your comic for its lack of monotony?
You got a green card? :V
The Bearded Man
September 10th, 2012
Ya pas que Lëo et Opéra qui sont mignons ensemble hein? ôwô
@Kenno Arkkan: This is the way to go. You got sick art that really portray those things well. (Also you're not afraid to change the style accordingly which makes the idea conveying stronger.)
Your beats are making this comic experience quite formidable. Especially with your livestreams...
This dance...
Just thought of it. IT'S TOTES "GANGNAM STYLE" AIN'T IT! xD
Not lazy...
I like how him and Louiss have this "miserable" and "resilient" feel to them... xD
When I saw it...
I lost my shit. owo