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Andrew Wolfwood
I like origami
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Personally gives off a bit of a Queen of the Damned vive to me, and not even a good one. I am talking like some cursed, condemned soul of nobility, bound in eternal toture, not like a literally queen of ill souls but a queen that is kind of a ill soul
@DarkmasterN: apologize for the late reply, DMN, been busy, and I happy I could alert you to the fact. Always a pleasure. Please continue your wicked ways, they are always a joy to watch.
@DarkmasterN: just to note, DMN, this coming week marks your 600th on the site, and last week mark the 500th page. I mean they can be big deals if you wanna, fans love it, though personally I am more a fan of the 700th, that is actually a pretty big mark
Congrats on your 500 page
@DarkmasterN: sokay, DMN, just keep up the good work and good health.
Do it...... It is your destiny to join the dark side
Hmm, okay I have a question.

Laila, while I know astral projection is not the same as possession, but I am curious can you possess others? And on note...... What would you do, heeheehee?
Andrew Wolfwood
January 21st, 2017
And people wonder why I carry aloa and neosporin on me. Situations like this......
If I may suggest, you say that you have yet to come up with a name for the group...... Why not have a fan voting contest
Andrew Wolfwood
January 10th, 2017
Hmm, mass teleportation magic, and fast acting, good skill.

And he still creeps me out!
Andrew Wolfwood
January 10th, 2017
I do not know why but the more I look at him the more a voice in the back of my head says "kill it with fire"
This guy creeps me out. I do not trust someone shadier than me
@DarkMaster N

Greetings, and happy creation day, may it be filled with nightmares and disparity.
@DarkmasterN: hey hey, don't sell it too short, I am sure it could move right with the right integration of joins and ligaments, though would have to rearrange if not restructure them a hit. Probably use a it of the muscular system in and around the spine, refit it with a few from the lower legs and upper shoulder...... The hands would be the oddest part but I sure if we just refit maybe rearranged or filled the positioning on the bones....... Oh and we would definitely need a few from the upper foot and ankle. That area actually holds up a majority of your body's weight....... Easiest solution to improve mobility after all of that would be to reduce or replace a lot of the bone structure. Could definitely restructure it to simply protect organs and maintain limb position. Then just need the muscles or fat around them for support, not that hard with this bunch.
Hmm, 20 is the obvious one, I would then follow with 27. Teh third is a tough call between 9 and 16, given her reaction and all, but I guess it would be closer to 9 since I can not take much from context. Personally I like the first 2 choices more. Any chance we can see more 27
I am not surprised that it feels uncomfortable. I mean heck, a splinter never felt good
You should have grabbed his arm, pressed your leg against his abdomen, and tossed him. That dodge is awesome but still, take him out!
This is interesting! So only oh little King-to-be has the ability to manipulate water like that!
Well, now she can not run.......... Effective