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OMG I'm so totally going to fave this comic now XD.
I said put it up rox! u just don't listen to me! *cries*
thanks for waiting guys! and here is your new page! as you can see both me and rox changed a few rox now is now making BGs more painted and I have stopped being a lazy bish and finally started doing high lighs...they look a bit sonic-y to me tho...well enjoy!
By the GODS! how does that old lady manage to get creepier and creepier? *runs away from that last box* from ur wip on DA u moved on to drawing with a tablet? I still need to use to mines. Im good with it in ms paint and OC but flash and photoshop it's so hard to draw straight D:
yus... epic Rowan is very epic indeed. can't wait for the next page ♥
Happy late b-day! He looks so cute! xD. love that outfit
that was the old lady who fell?! I had no clue! sorry yaz, xD im kinda slow. looked like some young teen guy....but ANYWAY old lady scary...she is going to haunt my dreams
MEGA CHIM-PO-KO-MON MEGA X! *Im sorry couldn't help my self. please feel free to throw muffins at meh if u found that annoying xD* (( knows rox will prolly be the first one))O! and I manged to see a small edit in there rox.
O! u do this and unnatural order?! Wow i was soooooooo totally not paying attention xD. both comics are really spiffy and glad to see u finally put up something on KOS :3
just full of awesome
awesome page and awesome commentary. I really like how the pencil lines came out (that is pencil..right?) anyway beautiful art style and kickass comic skillz
that 3rd box is my fave. loves prov's cuteness in that one. i also like how u did teh hand in that 2nd box
to bowserknight
lol now that...would truly take a long time,but would be pretty cool to see.
omg sorry I was slow with the cell color on this one D:. Rox did the shine on the amour as she well be doing from now on.(cuz Im too lazy to do it myself) anyway enjoy!
oooooooooooooo smexy smexy time nowz xD
this is really cute! I love how the shading is done in a water colory way. I love his expression in the last box
Emmy's thoughts
what Emmy was really thinking when she was falling "WWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
that box with her jumping in the wata xD. love that box
the old lady is still far more scarier then that bridge could ever be xD
holy fudge rox that was fast!