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haha xD

I'm lovin' the whole zoom-in effect
Haha, I love Paris' manbag.

I miss glasses geek Jing D: Will we ever see his four-eyedness again?

I <3 Geeks D:
Wow, her classmates are really ugly. x]
I like your comic. =D Ahh, Marcus & his imposing friends. <3

P.S. YAAAY OHIO!!! Cedar Point is super sweet, although I've lived an hour away my whole life & only been there once while my friends practically live there...D: But you have no idea how happy I get when I see things about Ohio online or on TV. Especially about places I've been or live near or love. I have a weird affection for my home. D: <33
Haha, happy birthday Luther. Cake pleez? :D
Happy Canada Day to you, too!
I was just in Canada on Friday! airport. Yay Canada!
Haha, poor Skye! =p

I am still in love with Moe's 'stache.

woAH those two bakers have a mighty frightening relationship. lawls
OMG I want to go to their school. Free gelato=uber fantasmatic <33333
Haha, Happy Birthday Ruby! I like the color! It makes me cheery! Hm, I guess I never realized Ruby was a violette!

Those two sneaky cooking women are eviiil
YEAH, MAN! GO SKYE! You tell 'em how it is!

BTW, I adore Andrew! <3
Happy Birthday Xin! -confettipartyfest-
Du-oo-ude. The one and only guy in the school that could potentially become Skye's friend and he's too freaked by his meeting Bailey & Xin to accept his possible friendship XD Poor man.
Woah, that is some hair!! Haha, & I totally agree with what Soup said.

you know I love you, right?
Huhuhu, petit chou! It sounds much cuter in French.

He DID go to photocopy something...your FACE!
XD Nice captions.
yaaaay :D orch-dorks are the greatest. fo serious.
Oh my, Happy Birthday Skye! I hope you become even surlier with age! <3
haha, we have a dark room for photo developing in my basement & my sister & I call it our panic room. it kind of looks like a gigantic safe with thick metally walls. but we are not nearly as well stocked with protective equipment as ophelia.
Yipee! New characters make me happy! He looks like he could use a nap.