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Taylor's Ghost
Just discovered I can remove content warnings... am happy.
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I meant to say boots, but... bootas kinda looks like a combination of boots and bootay... I found this most appropriate.
Absolutely furious I caught up :P
I need to stop checking once in a blue moon. I get so invested, then crushed when I catch up.
I was re-reading this comic... I am distressed to get to the latest page.
Taylor's Ghost
February 18th, 2014
That is commitment... to break a nail for him!
There are news sections?

Sorry, nope.
It is adorable! I am sad that there is so little as of yet! I shall wait on your updates with baited breath!
TIMBITS! ... I hope there are sour cream timbits...
Really sexy...
Has been so long!... and there's a new comic?!?! And based on video games and magical girls? All my dearest wishes have come true!

M! and not just because I like dirty pictures, although that is a major motivator.

Even if you never actually want to add in anything graphic, having the freedom to do so is a relief.

Psh, while my nether regions have no interest in the propagation of heterosexual relationships... if that's part the story you want to tell, it is sure to be worthy of our acclaim!
ack haven't caught up in so long. Your comic makes me happy :P
Alas, I just started rereading everything because it's been ages since I checked... and now I'm all caught up.

I also ship one of my friends, in my head he lives in a bl harem manga. It's fun.
Procedure is such a scary word... I mean... it invokes a fear that is completely unreasonable.

I haven't checked updates in a while, and when I read it I was all "Oh my god, is this something I already know about? Did I forget something important? ARGH! Also, it's too bad they burned the eggs."
So adorable.

Also, I like your banner... I know it's been like that for a while, just thought I would comment now. Is that what it's called? a banner? The thing I click on to go to your comic.
... I really like this guy.
This is why your monitor should never face the door.
BAHAHAHAHA! This made me laugh so hard. Mostly because of an inside joke...

This might not carry, but here it is.

My friend had this dream, where her little brother called her on the phone, his voice was panicked and he seemed upset. After asking what was wrong, he answeredo her "I think I just had the gay sex, and I did it wrong" to wich my friend replied "google it"

I'm not sure it's as funny... but my friend made the mistake of telling me, and has regretted it ever since, so it makes me laugh when someone "googles the gay sex"
I belive the crowd is cheering more for the bare torso than the landing... though both are pretty awesome.