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yaoi owo...
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The fifth panel! *3* shunos face c': gaaah I love this comic soooo much angel sama!! QAQ ♡♡♡
gawd! QAQ

Why is jude always wearing sunglasses? owo
@caspercallx haha that'll do it :3 i can really see it xD Kaito'sinsecure seke face and Shunoki's half blushed face >w<
you should have seen my face when it said completed QWQ ... CONGRATS!! :3
Angel~~ why you so assum?! OwO please keep updating cuz i'm soo curios! :3

Nyaaah i will defnetly read that other comic too!!! OwO me love you angel :3 <3
nooo i have a feeling that something bad is gonna happen to colt now.. why do i have that feeling?? D:

L.O.V.E this story :3 <3
mohaha or maybe you were the only one who answered Shunoki kun? ;'3
January 20th, 2013
@lovelessbutterfly: haha i just thought the same thing xD
January 20th, 2013
broken heart~
ooooh... i recognize this.. same situation with my ex.. we were together for 8 months and she always told her parents that her ''friend'' (not even ''best friend'' or anything..)was staying over.. i hated that.. one week after the break up she got toghether with her best friend and i think she told her parents immideatly...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 8D Grattis på födelsedagen :3 (swedish)
as assum as ever :3

what missing e? O.O
Love you angel!
I remember from when Kaito and Shuno went to the amusement park and one of the rides had a sticker saying "hold on dumbass" too :3 <3
moahaha except the reason he's in pain, that is SOOO me and my brother xD
mohaha xD
eeeeeeeeey sexy lady :3
pyuu owo
I got a tingleng sensation in my tummy o///o...
nyah owo
assum! first chapther, check owo *start to re-reading the whole serie* owo
Cuz I love you QwQ <3
@angelperez ?? owo know whaat?? owo I just orderd a purple wig owo... *hint hint* owo
Nicholas.. owo <3