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Something in my brain keeps telling me to make sprite comic pages even though the rest of me is begging to stop
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I just noticed the little icons under the comments leading to different parts of the website. Really cute!
Wonderful page as always. Don't catch your own house on fire though workin so hard on so many of these.
In this page Chaos looses his fork. Other characters probably did something too in this update.
(You can open this page and the next one in a new tab for the full size if it is showing up shrunk)

Smiffy wrote one line about a fork and I went crazy with it. It's Chaos' Fork now.

Smiffy wrote this page if that comment wasn't obvious.
I wrote this page in October oops
Tried to make a page with no 4th Wall jokes
Actual page coming soon probably........
What a fantastical adventure

of becoming an alcoholic
Who the fuck names a character Cinnamon ffs smh kermit

lookin good as always smorf fella
@TimeSceo: Texas was adjusted recently it looks like this now......
Is it legal to pin an ad on a handicap sign
Loser trips in real life
Shopping fun time adventure
<img src="">
Original Panel Layout
When your legs start working like they used to before
When does a tree grow through Felicity
Snap them fingers like a wishbone
Who the heck decided it was a good idea to let me in another comic
<img src="">

Been over a year since my last page and despite all the characters I have to work with I still choose to focus on these two

Also to be fair Wario never even gave them a menu