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Why are there so many pictures of Knuckles holding fish
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Smiffy can't get a break from adults in his life fighting. One day he will relish in this and become the monster himself that he has strived not to be.
I originally wasn't even going to finish this page but I was told to

I'm not used to this 'making your pages not look super boring' thing so instead of the panel layout the script gets to be boring instead
Malaki is a cool dude
@Sike update saz

<img src="">
In this page I try to redeem my terrible handling of my own character and probably fail, and in the process am once again stuck with making a page with an extra character I have no idea what to do with. Oops. Also I tried messing with speech bubbles for the first time since around 2013 I think.

I was supposed to have made this on the 19th of last month.

<img src="">
Reminder to self: Never do this again
These three pages took 21 hours total and I want to die

Anyway these three pages are my current top skill so probably won't be seeing this from me to often
I'm not good at action scenes at all really
October 26th, 2017
I didn't mean to make Gem sound like a triggered feminist but that's how it came out sounding oops
so glad the commercials are over and also this isn't ok
September 25th, 2017
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<iframe width="280" height="157" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

a page I guess
Let Grilver be the first baby to die
September 7th, 2017
I didn't intend on being in this comic, but apparently it was demanded Edge exists so here he is. It's Edge. You won't like him. I warned you.

Oh also there is two others. One is his brother and the other is another Edge. It's awful. Ech.
This page was a living hell to make
The entire time I was making this page, I've felt quite uncomfortable with it. I feel like the entire thing comes off as mean spirited towards authors rather than characters, due to killing someone off without their consent. In fact half way through it, I didn't really want to do it anymore, but I went through with it anyway since I put so much work into it already.

The entire reason this even came about is because it was recommended to me that Mablio kill off Rika, since he has a grudge against her. I figured I needed to have a big finale type deal, so I just went with it. And it was awful. I spent about 15 hours on this single page, about 11 or 12 of those hours being in a row, without getting up to eat, stretch, or even go use the bathroom. It hurt my already terrible back and left me starving and exhausted, because I felt if I took a break, I'd put it off more.

And in the process I'm not even sure I like how it turned out. I feel like I wrote everyone out of character except Luibli, because my doubts about this page snuck into Mablio's dialogue, and I'm just in general not good at writing other author's characters, which is more noticeable in something big like this. In addition, I put my full effort into a comic page for once, but despite that it's overall quality I feel is something some of the other authors could pull off in just an hour or two.

None of this is really anyone's fault but mine though, so whatever I guess. At least I made the funny ha ha fourth wall jokes.

Still have one more Mablio page until shit goes down though so still got a bit more to go with him.
@Nick Cypher The Flames: While the personalities being switched is a legitimate problem, realistically, Waluigi could have just walked in, said they were in debt even if they weren't, and they just went with it. After all, Mama Waffle isn't here to actually stop them.

and you know, Waluigi IS a cheater.

@Punchy: On the other side of things, it makes sense if you can use magic to make more money. That does sound illegal though. I can't imagine money would have any value if you lived in a world of magic and that was just allowed.
Oh hey this is back? I haven't checked my favorites in quite awhile so I didn't even notice! Personal issues have kept me from keeping up with comics not on this host, so I'm some years behind, looks like I have a lot of catching up to do! I remember commenting and reading these all the time so it'll be nice to have it back on my regular schedule. Can't wait to read what I've been missing!