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I like to draw and do other things of the sort. I'm a fiction writer.
I'll wait!
I understand after starting my own comic and never finding the time to finish it. I'm in a similar situation but this one is inspiration that you got this far. I look forward to your next postings! X3
I'm introducing a new character here :3 Sorry my drawing is a bit rough but it has been two months n.n I expect for it to improve.
More more!
I don't know how you manage with college. You are an inspiration. Though, I cant work on mine until the summer breaks. It's horrible because I take 20hours of credits each semester. I only wish you luck with your studies. I'm a Communication and a Film and Digital Media student. A triple major yes, and what I have two more semesters left after this before I graduate.I must say you inspired me to start mine with all mixed up. I think it will be fun to really get it going.
Yeah I'm hooked on your comic. I love the shading, trying to learn tones myself. I know it's a hassle! Keep up the good work :D
OMG I love the lighting!
The lighting is so vivid! I love the expressions on there faces as well, it was just amazing.
I'll continue reading :D
Yeah I know how it is! I haven't started mine really because of college. Bio-chem frightens me, and inking in my work frightens me more. I loathe it! D: It takes way to long >.< Keep up the good work, you have me hooked like a fish. :3
♥ I love this
Please post another, this is good and you inspired me to start my own comic.
He looks so innocent!
I wish there was something that I could do...