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Hi! I'm Julie, but I go by Kuro. I LOVE yaoi! I am going to be beginning a manga called 'Freak' soon. It is based off of a story I had written in my LA class. The only difference is that it's yaoi.

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lol I wonder how he'll get his revenge

While I was reading this I had a brief yaoi moment XD

But seriously, this is awesome.
O//O Hotness. Boy smex XD
So not suggestive at all XD
lol XD

This made my laughter increase by 20%
That's SO not suggestive at all XD

I love this so far :D
Light's face on this page is sparkleh XD
Awesome sauce! This is so funny XD
I'm wondering where Chibitan is.
How do you do these amazing pictures? I know for one that I would never be able to in my life time.

Awesome comic so far!

Beads? lol XD. Kinky.

It's hard not to love Shuno.
Kaito is denying what is true. If he is straight, then he's straight as a circle.