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Comic artist and animator.

Some of my influences:
Tex Avery
Matt Groening
Preston J Blair
Scott Ramsoomair
@Som: I haven't played Fortress. This was actually inspired by Age of Empires.
If you change Sean Bean's initials around then Death "really hates bein' seen".

(I call him "Seen Been" because that's how it's pronounced in English) :P

Plus, I hate his voice.
@GONE: Nooooo! DAMMIT!!

Thanks for letting me know. I'll fix it up. :P
EvilCorp Inc. is a subsidiary of FOX.
They are like a Hydra, cut one head off and two more grow.
Timecop rules is you basically cancel yourself out - but only if you touch yourself.

OK, I could have so worded that better. But I'm not going to. :P
Is 6th grade usual for someone his age? I don't get how all that "grade" thing works (or the American school system in general).
Mario is so screwed up. I think the developers were eating something "weird" when they came up with the idea.

Random fact: Half this strip was done BEFORE the previous one.
Santa is delayed indefinitely while I got delayed by awesome Christmas presents (GAMES!).

I'm not usually a fan of internet memes but Skyrim is just so awesome I couldn't pass up the chance.

Happy belated holidays to all.

Thanks, and will do. Next one should be up this week.
Just trying to help....
No offense, but this looks like a draft, rather than a final copy. And why not use an eraser? Or use Photoshop or something to do the text.

It would make things a lot easier to read and generate more interest in your comic.
In RTS games when units get upgraded - Imagine that happening in real life.
Ey up ah kid.

Loving the comic so far. Can't wait to read more. Simple yet effect style.

What part of Yorkshire you from?