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My first comics was to vent my frustrations at the time- its all good now by the way ;)

my second comic is to help keep my imagination active and my art skills progressing.
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@MissNyuu: haha, aw- MissNyuu, your are getting a little emotionally invested in this aren't you? teehee :>
@MissNyuu: lol, its my version of a 70's porno.
i literal made MYSELF laugh when i drew that one panel. you know the one.
@Angel.Montgomery: ummm, i sent him a link via Facebook today after i posted this one- he checks it seldomly. so who knows, lol.
@Scaw-DragonSlayer: i could do thous things- but i like to crank these things out. When im done with a thought im done and onto the next one. This is more a blog then a comic to me, so im not really concerned about generating interest. And i dont use an eraser because i prefer to draw in pen ;)
thank you! i am nothing without my ballpoint!
thank you, im honestly surprised this has more then 3 fans- lol.