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I love boy's and i'm a BIG BIG BIG yaoi fan girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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loved the update thnx keep it up
that is so hot
but make him fall for the guy he is talking to and they both get reveng for him
isn't the blondie saposto b a beast
I love it so fare update a lot more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more more fast fast soon soon soon soon =) =) =)
update a lot i love this story and love your anime
i like his old hair do but i guess i can get ok with it soon
all the pages were 5 star pages but the 2nd to last pages was amazing 10 stars if i could
the dad looks cuter hoter mad
that was more romeo and juliet
i dont think this is how swan lake is

dont they both live
that was really good keep it up
i love it sooooooooo much update tomorrow
no clue whats happening
so make more some so we can understand
hot hot oh sooooooooooooo hot
your in 9th i didn't know your a gooooooooood artest get if your good but also test never mind im in 7th i only good at soccer and poetry oh and cant forget singing. what school do you go to and update soon vary soon
that was so hot
will they kiss or will they not
post realy ssooooooooooon
that is so hot
will they kiss or will they not post sooooooooon really sooon
who cares about the plush i care about this awsome com
more comic please
he is so ot next scene sex sex sex
love it keep it up
please update at less 5 more pages i really really wont more of t his comic
love it love it love it when are they going to have their first kiss
i faved it