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July 19th, 2017


So, by any chance, have you played any of the Blazblue games, Niv?
Soooooo...What if Chris, Dani and Bea as Pilaf, Mai and Shu?

Or, wait, would Mai have to be Aspergia?

Fuck it, Bea, Aspergia and Dani as Pilaf, Mai and Shu.
Alright, you know what? Screw it. If you guys don't mind, I'll come back for at least the King Piccol- Errrrr, Sephiroth Arc. Go ahead and address me as 'Princess Zack' if you get the urge.
*GASP* Yeaaahhhhh, barely anyone-if anyone at all-really likes my sprite comics, and a good chunk of you guys have all pretty much /long/ surpassed me in this media form-some before I even started doing these things-and, this is where I say 'Sayonara' as an author and comic-maker of SAZ.

But, yeah, like I said, will still be playing Mabinogi if anyone's interested, and Neroe has my skype.

So, yeah, Seeya, guys.
The 'K' word's the easiest way to get one of them to scratch out your eyes.
Since when are you an animal tail expert, Drake?
@Marley_Proctor: Looks like Neroe started the whole 'Marley on Camtro's head' thing.
Could it be possible that Shark tale- *GASP* /Didn't/ lie to us about shark gangsters?

So, wait, why are they letting one of the most evil and maniacal of species be sea-police?
What is she, a dog? XD
So, when are we going to get Donald Trump mercs, wearing the same style of Bird nest ontop of their helmets?
@foxpuff: We actually had a cake pretty similar to it in what was the original 100th SAZ comic.
@Bringer_of_light: 'Oh shit I'm a dad now' sense.
So, what are some 'Edge of Pizza' cameos that you guys ship?
Speaking of persons on the ship, Bre's totally going to kick Ed's ass, once she figures out how to climb the rope.

Also, updated Sepi's sheet.
Now, who could this little guy be?

Sepi's current sheet is on the sprites page, and, as for his raft-
Just shimmy up the rope, Bre.

Also, I call next.