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So, those are either trees, or hairs, since, you know, tail.
September 13th, 2017
@supersonic1009: They're ropes and this is a multi-author comic, what do you expect? XD

Total Mortal Enemies
Okay, nevermind my last comment.
Are we talking defeated in the Buu sense, or, 'defeated' in the Frieza sense?
Sooooooo, is this basically going to be the SAZ version of Cell, or something?
...And, you consider 'Hero' as a real job, Link?
How does he even know about Bre?
@Smiffy SMF <3: Yeah, the Diego and authors stuff was like, what, 9-8 years ago? XD

Though, if we continue talking, might be best if we move the convo to notes.
@Smiffy SMF <3: Yes, I was. XD
@Smiffy SMF <3: Mario symbiote stuff
@Smiffy SMF <3: Yeah, alright. XD Hey, it's been a while since we were last in the same comic, hasn't it?
@Smiffy SMF <3: Relax, it shouldn't take forever.

...Also, unless I missed something, Dani wasn't dead.

@Smiffy SMF <3: Also, nah, Marleloth's still out there.
@Erik Warhammer: Calm down, Man
Shard, either you know things, or you don't, or you maybe kinda do, or only sorta. Probably some other variations too.
@Shard: Rupph better watch out, lest she potentially loses kills to the small ones.
Also, why is Rupph complaining, when there are clearly five skeletons left?

...She's not worried that Daiki's gonna want a kill for himself, is she? XD
Alright, already commented on Rupph's reply off Smackjeeves.

But, question to people on the commenting page here.

...Does Glandor's sword kind of look like pizza?