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As long as there aren't Thanksgiving and Christmas-focused plots in November and December.
Oh my God, Burp grew a nose.
Yeah, there are definitely portals in the page Niv linked to.

Okay, what was used to host these ones again? They've got the little 'x' things the hosting/pics don't work.
September 10th, 2019
@TOMSMANGA: To be honest, Soul Death is something at least a fair amount of people have probably used in fiction by now, in various ways.
August 19th, 2019
...Nothing short of a B-S Ex Machina, huh?

Well, I mean, I don't know about that, Comic!Ket *is* literally right on the cover.
Wow. Dick Move, Misty, Dick move. Your mom's not a gum wrapper. :/

Also, do *you* really know how life is yet at this point...?

For now, anyway
Silvetena was clearly not prepared.
Transcript for the comic:

Panel 1:
Zapsta: -Honestly, got to be the most challenging boss fight in game.

Panel 2:
Zapsta: He keeps teleporting around, and, it's not always easy to know when he's gonna stop!

Panel 3:
Zapsta: And, don't even get me started on when he uses the title force to put me in rage form!

Panel 4:

Panel 5:
Sans: huh.

Panel 6:
Sans: sounds like a pretty...

Panel 7:
Sans: enlightening situation~
Also, is it my imagination, or did smackjeeves basically condense down this comic in size...? It's supposed to be a x4 in size.

Edit: Nope, it's not my imagination. Maybe if I can find a better webcomic theme...?
Oh, Sans, you card~

And, yeah, I might have been playing a certain game, which I've managed to beat today.

But, yeah, Sans is a pretty cool, funny guy.

You have to wonder why people keep shipping different kinds of Sans with other kinds of Sans, though.

Edit: Full sized comic here >
@Nashianna: Eh, Undertale ones could be considered somewhat easy, since, for the most part, you don't have to worry about shading.

You could probably just start with a recolor of one of the canon characters, for now, or, we could figure out something.

If you want, maybe search for Undertale and Deltarune on Spriters' Resource?
Poor, poor Zapsta

But, anyway, yeah, I'm basically starting what might very well be the first Undertale Author Comic on this site.

Go ahead and feel free to apply! Should be nice to have some Underground shenanigans~

Also, definitely expect appearances from canon characters. And, I'll likely be updating the backgrounds soon, if I haven't already, but, you can definitely find underground backgrounds(and Tilesets) on Spriters Resource in Undertale
Dude. Dude.

Silverado, Blair, what are you doing?

Oh, God Almighty...

Starting to wish this was a CYOA deal, instead of this.


Where the Hell is Ket?
Silverado, man, I don't think anyone honestly gives a crud about this fatalistic Death God crud anymore...

Just win against Blair, find a way to get that damn scarf, and, for pete's sake, DO NOT LET THAT BITCH WIN.

*This coming from a person who admittedly found the 'Aware' part of this comic weird and maybe kind of freaky(Despite using several metawares himself...), but, now? Would really not like for either Silvena or RP!Ket to win any sort of Pyrrhic Victory*
Could be that she orchestrated this, because she remembered being a statue in a previous timeline/universe, and-

*Looks at TVtropes character page, specifically Silvena's to start off with*

'Grand Theft Me'(First part is about stealing Ket's body)

...Okay, so maybe I should have paid more attention to Sandbox and QoC, but- When did Ket become Rena?