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Dude. Dude.

Silverado, Blair, what are you doing?

Oh, God Almighty...

Starting to wish this was a CYOA deal, instead of this.


Where the Hell is Ket?
Silverado, man, I don't think anyone honestly gives a crud about this fatalistic Death God crud anymore...

Just win against Blair, find a way to get that damn scarf, and, for pete's sake, DO NOT LET THAT BITCH WIN.

*This coming from a person who admittedly found the 'Aware' part of this comic weird and maybe kind of freaky(Despite using several metawares himself...), but, now? Would really not like for either Silvena or RP!Ket to win any sort of Pyrrhic Victory*
Could be that she orchestrated this, because she remembered being a statue in a previous timeline/universe, and-

*Looks at TVtropes character page, specifically Silvena's to start off with*

'Grand Theft Me'(First part is about stealing Ket's body)

...Okay, so maybe I should have paid more attention to Sandbox and QoC, but- When did Ket become Rena?
...This is going to sound random(Or maybe not), but, just realized Damaru backwards is 'Uramad'.


'Ur a mad'

Or, putting the 'r' after the 'a'

'U Ar Mad'

...Aware's seeming more and more like an apt title for this comic.
...There's nothing wrong with being gay. It was a lifestyle choice. I was just happier to deny it than let people judge me for it. ...But, then I did judge others for it.
...Wow. No wonder this comic was fucked from the start. *I* fucking invented it. No wonder people kept telling me fusions were gay...
November 22nd, 2017
Well, at least it was just an accident.
Who needs Tingle when they could get Daiki?
Shard's gotta catch 'em all...

Damn, not a half bad hex map.

...Though, wait, does this mean we've had the island next to some alternate version of Texas all this time?
October 18th, 2017
True adventurers tend to up at some of the most dangerous of places.
Steve the hexedworldtailthing.
@SonicFan2002: This is an author comic with Sonic style sprites
That frickin' sprite. XD
Well, because Steve's a tail. How could he accumulate people in him?

Are they all tails, or just people who accidentally got caught in him?
September 19th, 2017
So, those are either trees, or hairs, since, you know, tail.
September 13th, 2017
@supersonic1009: They're ropes and this is a multi-author comic, what do you expect? XD

Total Mortal Enemies