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Not much to say, just love art and am passionate about wolves. I'm a really caring and friendly person, for the most part anyway.
I'm mostly here to watch a specific comic called The Last Element. It's a great story and the writer is a really awesome and down to earth person so I recommend reading it and don't hesitate to comment. She's really nice and doesn't forget her fans. ^_^
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Haha I love the first panel! Good job with the poses and the expressions.
I love Gaelic in this form. And poor Abba is so sweet.
He always looks so cool, I love his shadow creature. It reminds me of The Darkness.
Poor young wolf, it always makes me sad to see this part.
I always love your expressions, they stay true to the animal.
I love this form that Gaelic takes when granted by the wind element. It's so beautiful and it reminds me of a wolf I draw. Not as beautiful as you have made this one though ^_^
He's stronger on earth right? Since he is closer to all the pieces of him and his power that were scattered there?
Aww poor Hakune.
The wind element looks beautiful, I like the second to last panel.
Odina's pose in the third panel is so damn cute! It should be a pic all to itself it looks so good. ^_^
Hakune to the rescue! And I'm sure Kuegaru is glad for the break of being attacked by Hakune.
Also sadly leaves him open to take over Gaelic.
Freaking Markine... Rai may be a bit cold and distant but he isn't a twisted wretch like that old bastard. I can tell now that this is his personality not Rai's.
Self sacrifice, a good quality for a true leader.
Such an awesome shot of Hakune in the first panel. I really like how you have him layering over the panel, I love those types of effects. ^_^
He's such a cool hybrid creature.
I've seen some wolfish/monkeyish type pictures elsewhere, and now I always think of your comic when I do ^_^
I love this cover, it's so beautifully done. I almost feel bad commenting here.. lol
@tiffawolf: It's very cool. It reminds me of Bigby in Fables. I don't know if you've read fables at all but you might like it lol. ^_^
I haven't read much of it myself but it's pretty good. Honestly like yours better though, more my kind of story.
Well, looks like I'm all caught up.
Well done my friend. I've really enjoyed reading this. Can't wait for an update.
I knew she would see the good in him, I'm so glad. ^_^ They make a great pair.
I'm glad Niabi and Rollo got stuck together, with her personality and she seems like the type to see the good in everything and everyone. It will be good for Rollo.
Eh, I realise I've been commenting a lot in such a short period. Sorry I'll stop for a bit.
Poor Odin is trying to hard to get them through this misunderstanding.. too bad stubborness and pride always get in the way.