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Mommy, wife, crazy lady.
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I'm re-reading after a long break. I know you changed some things around to alter the pacing, and I just wanted to say that you did an amazing job. It's like night and day. Congrats!
Finish first! Then restart so we can enjoy it all over again!
Aiden reminds me SO MUCH of my husband.
He's an introvert and a total geek, he thinks other people will find him boring so he is hesitant to speak up. He did not realize how amazingly hot he was until he was subjected to my adoration constantly for years. I love it! <3 <3
Sending you love and support!
Of course we understand if you can't update regularly.
Take care of yourselves, take care of "real" life, we can wait!
Sending you love and support!
Of course we understand if you can't update regularly.
Take care of yourselves, take care of "real" life, we can wait!
Being in a relationship with someone who has a high/insatiable sexual appetite/imagination sounds super fun until the reality sets in. "The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised!" lol luckily, Max is a sturdy young man, I'm sure he can handle it.
I already sympathize with Brian, but I'm excited for this anyway!!
Yeaaah Leigh-Ann! I'm glad that she got angry instead of just full of despair. She's Logan's mom, after all, not some wilting flower.
Good for him!
It must be such a hard situation for Brian. He obviously cares for Leigh-Ann, and I do believe he loves her. But he has this unavoidable connection and attraction to Logan that he is obviously not able to get past. He recognizes that it's not fair to anyone to continue trying to be with Leigh-Ann. Polyamory is one thing, but I don't think dating both a mother and son would work out, so obviously the only responsible choice is to end things with her.
I feel sad for Leigh-Ann, too, and I have through this whole series. She doesn't do anything "wrong", so loves Brian, she loves Logan. This situation is so unfair to her, and it's going to be so hard for her to deal with them together. I hope she meets someone who can love her for the awesome woman she is!
And now that my responsible emotional work has been done ...
I started laughing aloud, genuinely, at that last panel.
Oh, you kids. Never change.
Rupee : "I mean .. you can .. hurt me a little bit .. <_<;;"
I never realized "watch movies" was slang for "go to a party"... XD
Worst case scenario : SJ will say you need to censor, so you go back and retroactively censor.
I'd say don't censor unless they tell you to.
OOoohh that is hot
Those sound effects... *proper roll* XD
I guess that decides which of them is the "top" XD
Rupee is a happy kitty.
That look in panel 2 - "Baby, you can scare me any time you like."
I can't even remember if my husband is near or far sighted and we've been together for over 7 years. Good on ya, Max!