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For whatever reason, I think this may be the beginning of Bonnie's downfall. That's probably just wishful thinking, but there seem to be at least a few clues pointing to this not going Bonnie's way.
Why was Jocasta getting splashed with water in panel 20? Did Donovan finally decide to care, and if so, why?
It would be completely hilarious if Starr's plan went wrong and Prescilla somehow went home. Not going to happen, but having Prescilla declare herself a genius and then get blindsided would be quite humorous.
Why do the players walk backwards when they're eliminated? Do they have to go wait the rest of the time in the water?
Uh-Oh. Frank's appearance in this comic reminds me a lot of Rodger's boot episode in The Amazon. Lots of people mocking him and talking badly about him in confessionals, and he is shown rather negatively too. With Frank's sexism going away for so long, I feel like SWSU needed to remind us of it before he goes.
Adrian- 5
Aleksan- 7
Brenton- 5
Cherman- 8
Donny- 9
Frank- 9
Gretchen- 2
Ieaeka- 3
Jewel- 5
Jocasta- 9
Kathy- 8
Madison- 2
Mercy- 3
Prescilla- 0
Robert- 6
Sanza- 6
Starr- 1
Summer- 3
Tofuchao- 5
Zachary- 3

Who do you WANT to win?: Frank, Jocasta or Cherman, with Donny at a close fourth.
Who do you THINK will win?: Kathy or Sanza
Qazox: Giving up immunity seemed to work pretty well for Jenna in the Amazon and Ellise in SFC2 :รพ
How is Starr staying up? Balancing like that would put massive levels of force on her toes and probably break them off in 30 minutes to an hour.
Well, I suppose just ask her for it then. If she is willing to give it away, that should be good enough to trust her again.
The solution Kathy should come up with is to ask Ikea to give her the "idol," then immediately try to play it. That would out the idol as fake, revealing someone else has it, and prove Ikea's trustworthiness. Unlikely to happen, but it would be nice.

Or, if they want a simpler solution, blindside Ikea once they get past the first few tribal councils after the merge.
I have a feeling a split vote is going to go wrong if they go back to tribal council.
I have a feeling Prescilla's just going to be a pre-merge villain. We get one practically every season - Mary, Marty, Marc?, Jessica/Audrey, Sin/Al?, Russell, Matt/Xero/Jackie.