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Tsukimoto Myobi
Tsukimoto Myobi was born from a void in space. She has been floating her way across galaxies destroying sentient life with her terrible art and stories.

She has just recently arrived on Earth.
You have been warned.
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Ha ha ha. What a cute cameo.
If the day comes when they do want children, they could always adopt. c:
Quality children. A+
I understand this feeling all too well. I've been tearing up the last couple of updates. I really wish I could go into the comic and hug Louis... ;___;
I was about to say, ' "Jet Set Radio Future" reference?' Awesome. That's really fitting.
Sprite x Cinder. I also think that Bambi x Akio is super cute.
*fistbunps because Homestuck*
Daniel, honey, BREATH.
Deep (in dat booty) thoughts...
Awwww, They look so perfect! >w<
No means no! >:C *I'm starting to get a sense for why they might have broken it off... ;m;*
So cute~ I love their gangly, teenage awkwardness and earnestness. >///< I love it. "I like kissing you. Like, a lot." So cute~~♥
"Me and my 'gay' hat will do whatever the fuck we want, thank you."
Yaa-~ Ah, Um... Oh. *now sad* That took the mood out of it, Dake. <XD
I know that feel, bro. It's like, "Okay, you want to play with drugs, guns, and strange women? FINE! See if I care!" *table flip* But you love them anyway. XD
*contained squeel* Yes! A nice, safe place for sweet little Kae. Oh, please say yes! /*w*\
@lovelessbutterfly and @SomethingScenic: Same here! XD I'm so glad to see cutie-keisuke. *sigh of relief*
Oh, shit. 8C Well... Shit. Abel -really- does not want. That face last panel. I'm terrified for Jacob. O___O""
God, they're so cute. >////< I just love the both of them. I don't want them to paaaaaart. D'8>
Just slowly put the Mars bar back down, and no one gets hurt. XD