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Commander Evil
I like me.
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Now those are cool. Lookin' forward to seeing more!
Marco prepares to destroy a prototype Rebel High-speed Transport Aircraft, when a familiar face leaps aboard...

The background was pieced together from various others, including one by Tsauruvian Empire.

That Flying Wing was made from scratch by me. I'm proud of it.
Always did love your hovertanks.

They really were inspired partially by that, but more inspired by a mod I was messing with in Kerbal Space Program, in conjunction with a book I was reading. Really got me thinking about decent ways to invade the moon.
Sprite scene of my Rebel Astronauts leading the charge across the lunar landscape, with support from experimental Girida-O Lunar Battle Tanks. Not much else to say about them, really. The Rifles are an edit of a weapon my buddy Ubiquitous did.
Space, invading it, and how to sprite really simple camouflage.
This is a heavy landing craft intended to land troops and equipment on the moon. (Or any other low-gravity planetoid.) Not much else to say about it.

I made it out of the sprites of Robotnik's Death Egg, and bits and pieces of some starships from Front Mission.

The Camo Pattern was made by creating some jagged shapes with paint, pasting them over a duplicate of the sprite with a different palette, then removing the jagged shapes leaving just the workspace background in place. Then I just pasted it over the original. This is a really useful technique for camouflage on any kind of sprite, really, I use it for tanks and infantry. (Although I have different types of shapes that I use for each.)