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Hello, I'm Lano. I like food & art & stuff.
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(I also dye my hair a lot if you haven't noticed)

I hope you will continue to read on~! (o w o;;
woh almost couldn't tell what was a thought or speach.
but lol that's rlly creepy
lol, b'cuz in most animes the guys don't have nipple.pffft-
lol it's going down in the history books
@Cruselene: lol same, i wanna whip my hair in ppls faces like she could
@Cruselene: any way you want is fine
\(o w o)/
@Cruselene: thank you<3
High School is fun, feel free to tell me more about your shoujo life sometime. I love hearing about them. > w <;;
kitty goes to a college that's far, so we comunicate mostly by txts currently :D
@forgotten_cake: thank you <3
; w ; i hope i can get the time to update more.
September 15th, 2013
/ m \ quality b/w are work, lol.
(also accidentally put lucien in a jacket, ignore that...)
what i've noticed. or actually, what my paranoid mind tells me.
I wish i had time for better quality, but I don't so.. I must fill you in on college tho.
/ A \;; idk how to short legss...
@Cryingblujay: / w \);; heheh, yeah.
/w\)> I'm working on new pages.
i'm trying to be cool arter... it's not working.
thank, if anything eventful happens i'll try to document. >m<;; no promises...
happy holidays y'all.