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Hello there! nice to meat you. My name is Alex and i currently reside in the little shithole of an overtaxed country that is denmark. i have lived for 20 years (officially) and my favorite passtime is to watch Tv-Series online, play video games and Draw stuff. my favorite foods are sweets and meat. and my favorite colour is purple (or balck if it was a colour) but i really love all colours so yeah. im currently working towards becoming a fulltime Illustrator slash Comicbook author. so i guess thats what i have to say bout me. BYEZZ >w</
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Sorry that it took awhile
@nanga: I ran into some personal issues with depression and stuff, so i simply havent had the drive to go on with it. sorry.
And were back...
with this page we should be back on track again. thank you so much for your patience, and i hope that you will enjoy chapter 3 ^w^
Happy Ostara.
Happy Ostara, Easter, Spring Equinox or whatever you wanna call it.
Tablet on its way.
I ordered a new drawing tablet today, and it should arive within the week. so hopefully i can get on with my character art of Noah soon. ^^
Out of the scraps...
So i should be able to buy a new tablet at the start of the next month. however until then, have some old concept art.
No Noah im afarid...
I was supposed to upload some character art of Noah today, but my table tdecided to have an emotional breakdown and just stop working *sigh* so until i can find the money for a new one i wont be able to do any digital art :( therefor the weekly art pieces are probably gonna be alittle more "traditional" until then.
this is just some Concept art for Chapter 3, i hope you like it
In a Galaxy far far away...
After watching Star Wars: the force awakens, i remembered that back when i first started designing the character art for Alfred, i was heavily inspired by the look of Jedimaster Kit-Fisto. so i decided to make a small tribute to that.
As you can read above, i wont be able to draw chapter 3 for quite some time, rest assured it will be done, but i simply have to put my education first. i truly hope you can bare with me on this.
The End
of Chapter 2 Visions of Past and Present.
September 16th, 2015
sorry its a day late <:/ i lost track of time...
September 3rd, 2015
@Clusger Kres: yeah, i see your point. his face is a little dark though that is from this layer of orange i used to try and set the mood :P
Aaaand were back! :D
Hi guys. i know its been quite a while, but now im back from vacation and ready to get back on track. lets get this show going X3

summer hiatus: OVER!
Download Down Here!!
Download link:
Summer Vacation
for the next six weeks ill be on vacation with my family, so i wont have time to draw so much, which in turn means that there wont be any updates before the 18th august. however if i find the time, i will try to upload a few bonus pitures like the one above.

thx for understanding :3
Sorry its late, but i kinda fell asleep >~>
I'm the map!
So i thought it a bit cheap, that you only got a front page this week. so here have a map of the world.
i will update it with places and the route of the story as it progresses. yay ^^
Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone else. may i present... THE GLORIOUS!! front page of chapter 2!..

okay maybe not exactly glorious...
ill shut up now. TxT
The End...
of Chapter 1 atleast :) Chapter 2 will begin next tuesday. furthermore as i will also make a news post about, i simply cant keep up with making 2 pages a week, there for Chapter 2 will be posted with 1 page per week.
i hope you understand and will still keep reading.
End of Flashback..
We are back to the present and ready to continue where we left of :)