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Why, hello there! I'm Emily, but you can call me Nibbler (long story short, I nibble at my food and my friends are weird).
I like BL and GL, gore, blood, gruesome murders, and unhappy endings where every one dies~! <3 If you have or know a wonderful comic that has any or all of those, please link me, 'kay?
I am indeed a girl, I love cats and drawing, and my failed-to-become-a-vegetarian-once-again-count is always increasing; I just can't give up on seafood. :( Oh, I'm Canadian as well, born and raised in a small coastal town, but every one tells me I sound extremely American. Does that make me a bad Canadian or a good North-American? Who knows. I'm also just a tad bit of a Canadian history fanatic; I just love the 1800s!
So... yeah. That's it. I'm a loser, I know. Now run along to your awesome lives, I'll just sit here and pretend to have a life.
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I've been waiting 100000 years for this and im dying omg they're so adorable together!! I'm so glad you let their relationship develop slowly and naturally, it makes it all the better to see them so happy just to be cuddling!
Let's all just stop and take a minute to appreciate how Nine is the perfect balance of beautiful, hansom, and cute. <3
Lucky's just like "Oh shit..." XD
I'm just going to find a corner to sit in... and be sad for a while... ;A;
That last panel! He just made my heart cry! ;A;
Oh noooo! Did Naoto have a "miscarriage"?
Sexual and romantic attraction is based on the instinct to spread our genes, but it is not focused entirely on finding someone of the opposite gender for procreation; our brains look for good traits in others that we ourselves lack and vice-versa. The fact that for some people, this instinctual perfect-combo-finding is focused on the same gender is just as natural as the opposite. :) Besides, it's like they say, "Love knows no boundaries".

As far as super-powers go, does that mean I get 3/4-powers or something? Or am I going to have to dress up like a flying animal and make up for it with cool gadgets like Batman and Robin?
Okay, first I'd just like to give you a virtual hug for pointing out every thing I've failed to explain to my friends. Then I'd like to thank you for pointing out this issue in general; I've always had a personal issue with the over-sexualization and general presentation of the few female superheros (and villians, like Catwoman or Poison Ivy) out there, and it makes my day to see some one finally addressing it. :)
Marry me?
They're so cute! Daniel's just like a caring big brother. <3
This was so sweet and meaningful! I'm actually crying!
definitly coloured pages!!
A little bit of a bonus for you readers. A Bird background, though it may not fit your screen perfectly, unless you have a tiny loser laptop like mine. :P
....She fell and fell, yet could not make a sound. Girl sped down into nothingness, the fights and shouts growing distant. At last, she knew the ground was there, and let out one final silent scream before impact..

Well, I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy New Years! Best of wishes from Girl and Bird for a happy year full of opportunities and fun times to you all. :)
January 2nd, 2012
If that's gentle, I don't want to know what the alternative is like. XD
January 1st, 2012
Even though Coyoteson are supposed to be the bad guys, I still kinda want to cheer 'em on...
January 1st, 2012
Nooo! Coyoteson! D':
December 30th, 2011
Karen's face in that last panel = there is no god. XD lol
Merry Christmas, or what ever holiday you celebrate; have a fun and safe celebration!
December 23rd, 2011
That child is too cute for his own good. X3 <3