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@Luigi_96: I Need that Kirby game.I Hope it's awesome!
... I Swear, if the New XXI's meet the old ones, my brain will be destroyed
September 21st, 2013
@Djoing: How didn't that do ANY Damage to Dave's AI?

Oh Right, he has almost none anyways
@Gigi19972010: This makes total sense :D
This won't end good. i hope i won't be as dissapointed as when Milkshake ended
This is not going to end good...
Cirrus Karcko and Two Kracko, i love Grammar
My opinion on Master Green: Complete idiot
Knowing Clare, she'll mess something up, but let's hope not
@Hi:): I Think it will
@Sapar: Just a Recolour? Or with any Accesories? If so, please name them
Whoo boy!
It's finally been updated! I've been so busy with all my characters, so here you go

Sorry about any mistakes in the Sheet

EDIT: I Can only take recolours, if you need any edits, you need someone else to do that XD
@1ce_k1d: He didn't get something from Gravity Man's Stage
August 10th, 2013
I Am Underwhelmed with the Result...
That was a weird last-panel Reference...
Why Didn't Not-Shat'l Bother to Duck?
Unless Master Green is-

Wait, why is Not-Kaxo not Hypnotized

I Was Going to Say, Unless Master Green joins the Fight (Which i doubt he will), Master Green is at a Disadvantage, Not-Shat'l Destroyed, and Not-Kaxo still having an Independent Mind