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Trebor Almasy
My main interest is drawing, pretty much yeah.
My influences growing, lets see, I read a lot of Calvin and Hobbes and the far side. Then I learned of Windsor McCay's work. His ability to take a simple comic and turn it into something unbelievable looking. He is basically where I would want to get to artistically one day. With large panels, hundreds of things to look at, and lots going on.
Online I started out with these:
bigger than cheeses
Mall Monkeys
Saturday morning breakfast cereal
and Joel and Steve
Bigger than cheeses was my main inspiration, artistically, but eventually I did develop a style of my own.
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HA! Good joke. Didn't see it coming. The second panel seems outta place though. I get that the coach is supposed to be naive, but having the kids acting sad in panel 2 or even switching just the picture on panels 2 and 3 would make a bit more sense.
Ha. Very clever. I especially like the dudes face in the fourth panel. The concept as a whole is pretty solid though.
Good joke. Very hateful.
I'm a reverend
So I recently became a reverend and it's nothing like what I imagined (above synopsis). For starters I can't just go around randomly marrying people, I have to get both of them to agree and then I have to get the paperwork to the courthouse after having both of them and 2 witnesses sign off on it. So there goes my plan to marry my B.F.F. to Natalie Portman.
I've always liked your art, it's nice, bright and clean.
I just figured I'd let you know that you're comic is very awesome. You should really advertise(see also: whore) it out more. It's a shame it's not better known.
Actually it's not dead, I just went from working one job, to working three jobs, so my free time is now about 30 minutes between jobs, and a 30 minute lunch break. I will return, it'll just be a little while.
I'm conflicted, I hate kyo, but this comic is okay. Hmm...

^Wow, that's pretty kick ass. Remember racist jokes always kill, use racist jokes.

I know, I know, you're not 'supposed' to, but you should show them you're a rebel, who doesn't play by the rules.
It truly does. Just seemed kinda random, so I thought I'd ask.
Raises hand.

Question, what the heck are those things in panel 2 and 3?
I like this one better as a stand alone, rather than tied to the previous one. When I read this one's predecessor I was disappointed.
Also, I hate Kyo.
Wow, apparently crayons kick more ass than I previously thought. Who'd have thunk it? Though I do like the other coloring doomoppers you use better. The stars are barely noticeable with the crayons.
I like this comic, but I hate Kyo. I'm a bit conflicted.
So...question. Where's page 84?
In the site news, I added a whole bunch of deleted scenes, deleted Flash scenes, and alternate versions. So if you want some half finished comic goodness, you can check em out.

Also site design is by no means final, it's a work in progress.
AFTR Store
I'm still getting the page setup but right now you can buy the AFTR book 'How to please your man, rim jobs, blowjobs and more' which contains the first year of AFTR comics the way they were meant to be seen, in black and white. Here's a sample page to see what you'll be getting:
Sample Page
And don't worry about the quality, it's printed on quality A printer paper seen here:

And to help you not get bored while reading through the first year, you can eat AFTR cereal seen here:
Cereal< br />
I know what you're thinking, "I have to have it, how much do they cost?"
Well heres the great part, the First year book(How to please your man, rim jobs, blowjobs and more) is only $49.95(+$9.95 shipping and handling) and the official AFTR cereal is only $10.95(+$9.95 shipping and handling). If you want to order the order page is located Here.

Thanks a lot guys, and the proofs for the shirts should be back before too long, and those will be on sale too.
^Ha, that was actually another comic idea(same principal) though I figured I'd better wait to do it though as two comics that similar back to back looks kinda lazy.

As for this one, it's more a guy thing. You see when we manly men go pee and and wash our hands, we dry them on a friends shirt and say "Don't you hate when you pee and you miss?". But as we've seen by the other ole boy above, when he did it, he really did pee and miss.
Anyone who has ever tried to find an address/street in a subdivision will get this one(sorry you guys that can't drive). Seriously every street is meant to sound mystical like "Whispering Oaks" and then the next street is "Streaming Lakes" then "Whispering lakes". I swear if I ever name a street I'm going to call it:

Whispering meadow lake parks windy twisted oaks cir.