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Icarus North
you've come a long way, you've got a long way to go.
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This is like the time where I was dating a transwoman at the time and a friend found out about it. He react by saying that I was in a straight relationship, he couldn't understand how we had sex, also used some slurs. And at that point I was ready to punch him in the face. Of course I decided to not talk to him about her anymore, though not she and I aren't dating anymore.
I think the actual reason is a book reason. Basically one of the Dragon Age books has her in it, and without spoilers lets just say bad things happen.
I've actually been doing the online dating thing for a while now. Mostly cause I don't really find any women around my age in this very small part of the world I'm in, so if I do want to meet someone to date it's the way to go really.

I haven't really had any bad dates, ironically I end up with more friends than actual relationships.
I have female elf mage who is romancing Solas at the moment though I want to romance everyone which is making being only with Solas difficult. I think next I might either romance Josephine or Blackwall, but that's going to be like a hundred or so hours from now.
Yeah I'm in the same boat too and I live in Ohio. Most of the girls I find are taken and since I live in a cluster of small towns it makes finding any lesbians impossible.
Yes except for the points stated above and as long as it isn't cliche.
I'm sensing weird stalker vibes.
Anyone else get that?
Icarus North
September 18th, 2012
So I've been reading this comic for a while, and funny thing is I looked at the archive and realized that we're still on chapter one. It surprised me xD she doing what I think she's doing? Going after Kara?
Well, that was awkward.

Oh this isn't going to be good.
I just read the whole entire comic again and now I'm at this part.

Oh Shit.