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Not sure what you expected... The last panel looks fine to me, though.
Not sure I'd call a wolf cute, but hey, it's not my call.
@Yageira: I agree. WANT MORE!!! My undead horde will find you if you don't continue!
Yes! Finally! More action!
Aha! You are alive! And an excelent page to add.
Jeez, this next page is taking forever. And we haven't heard anything in a while either. Did you fall off the face of the earth or something?
Seriously. When I see violence of any caliber, I see myself on a bad day. I get mad, people hit the floor.
Eh hem, yea, this guy's screwed.
I saw him!!!! In the far background, dead center!
Those touchy little details... Why can't he recall them as easily as me?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my dear Niji. And "sexy",for me? That's a woman I haven't met yet. The "second sight" as the Irish called it, carries outside of this comic, and I've been cursed with it since birth.
Scientifically speaking, that's pretty accurate. If you've had a boy/girlfriend that you've made out with, that felt good, but eating chocolate gets a stronger pleasure response that lasts way longer.
Jackals, in general, are not that big. It just so happens he's talking to a fox. A fox in our imediate reality might have a weight of 40-50 lbs, while a jackal might weigh in at 80-90. Humans weigh in at 120-150, usually.
I'm commenting on something that's a bit out of my element, so bare with me. Like the comic, overall, but speaking from experience, adding premonitions to any story destroys most avenues for a good story. For your sake, I hope your good at planning ahead.
I like the griffin (Daniel?) in this panel. Jack, mmmmm. The good stuff.
Honestly, in reply to the guest, I think that bandana constitutes as "clothes."
Um, wow. The last time I saw ANYTHING that clean, I'd spent three hours on it. Let me tell you, mirrors are a real bitch to get every little speck off of.