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I did photo comics in 2004-2006 called disTrack, Stocks and A Bad Idea. After a five+ year hiatus, I wanted to do it again, because apparently, I'm still just as immature as I was in my mid-20's.
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Let Me Give You the Tour
Okay, I'm officially done with the Kim Jong-Il storyline. New things coming Wednesday.
Don't You Know Who I Am?
Justin Bieber really seems like an awful popstar stereotype come to life. He's this generation's The Monkeys, and when he goes all Dana Plato in three or four years, I will giggle gleefully.

Anyway, went to my first hockey game in over a year last night. Almost got to park for free because I followed the visiting team's bus into the parking lot and told the attendant I was with the team. If I had committed, and just drove off, I would have totally gotten away with it.

This weekend I'll be heading to my annual Suit Up new year's party. It's a great chance to hit on my friend's girlfriends and wives, and watch people get drunk and make asses of themselves. We'll probably also continue our annual tradition of watching The Big Lebowski on New Year's Day.

Here's to another year in the books. You all play safe this weekend, and we'll see you on Monday.
How'd You Get This Number?
Batman was a main character on my old comic, STOCKS. If you look for that strip over at DrunkDuck, he spent most of his time arguing with Catwoman over nursery room furniture or mentoring a young super hero named NinjaShark (who was equal parts ninja and shark).

Thanks to everyone who's fav'd Back 4 More so far, and voted for us on their favorite top list. It's tough getting into the groove updating 3 times a week, it feels like it's taking forever to find the groove again. But whatever, it is what it is.

See you Friday.
Who's the New Guy?
I hope you guys all had a good Christmas. Now we enjoy the little laid back holding pattern until New Year's. My mom is a New Year's Eve baby. So as a kid NYE always kinda sucked. I had to stay home and celebrate mom's birthday.

Now it's a little more fun. I'm not a drinker, but now I hit up a NYE party and try to hit on as many women as possible. Of course at my age, I'm starting to catch a higher and higher percentage of married women, and women with kids. But every good fisherman catches his share of throw-backs.

For those who aren't enjoying the Kim Jong-Il story line, this is the last day we'll see Kim and Saddam for a while. Wednesday I bring back an old friend of mine from the STOCKS days.
Jesus. I know, it was a typo, but it shouldn't be the focus of the strip.
@RyoSoulreaper: Real news networks aren't held to truth in reporting standards, so I don't believe I should be, either. lol.
Not Even NATO?
I really do laugh at the idea of dictators hanging out in hell. You have to think there's some kind of prison yard hierarchy.

Anyway, next week we'll see another story line pop off. So if you're sick of Kim & Saddam, check back next week.

On that note, Merry Christmas. We'll see you next Monday.
This is God
I spent a lot of time yesterday wandering around the webcomic webopshere. It's been a while. Sad to see some of my favorite comics and podcasts have gone away. But there is still a ton of talent out there, and it seems like they've all been replaced by new strips and blogs.

Everything old is new again, or something, I guess.

Anyway, if you missed it, the parenthesis function as an "off screen" mechanism. So hopefully that made sense.

More Kim Jong-Il and Saddam Hussein fun today. I figure it's good karma for a webcomic to start with two notorious dictators hanging out. Especially when the comic launches Christmas week.
1 - Breaking News
High, SmackJeeves. First time caller, long time listener.

This is my fourth title. The first 3 were all in the same format, and were over at Drunk Duck. That site seems to have died off, so I'm here, where all the cool kids hang out.