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So yeah... OBSESSED with anything Japanese, Comics, Manga, Anime... ^_^
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Hotseat Question
Jason: What and where would your dream date with Sheri be?
Perfectttt! Can't wait for the next update ahhh ;A;
eagerly awaiting your return, sensei! ♥ ♥
they're all either very warm and cuddly and blushing or cute little drunkies ;)
love thiss
I love all of this! Everything!! I haven't read FM in a while and it was something beautiful to come back tooo ;) Loving the artwork Mimi, as always, you manage to make everything look effortless and beautiful :) Can't wait to buy FM 2 (when I have any money :( ) BUT IT'LL BE WELL WORTH THE WAIT x
akhfkasjhfdklfoieufhnjefj ;lfk BRILLIANT <3 can't WAIT for the next update!!! ^^
OH WOW! Love this!! The colours! :) Amazing >.< p.s. love the new layout, background and banner, Mimi ;3 xx
LOVIN' IT MIMI!! <3 Enjoy your holidaaay! Well deserved ;) xx
aaaahhhhh akjhfiwryutihsdkjvcbakjhsgflk I feel for Jason so much :( but....
uughhh idk I think I'm as confused as the characters now ^_^
This is soso good jesus.. Can't stop reading!!x
I find this pretty powerful...
oooooooh finally!! omg my tummy did a somersault >.< LOVE YOU SHERI<3
AAAHHH THANKYOU MIMI! Omg I'm so glad you liked my question!! ^_^ haha xx
OHMYGOD Mimi xD You're killing meee! I NEED MOREEE!! <3 xx
:O omigod YES.
Woooow! Love this page! The blue's so striking... god, you're a master with colour! Fits the style and mood perfectly!! An awesome start to Spin 5 if you ask me! :3 x
awww! God.. so powerful *blub* :'( x
oh the SUSPENSE! Why is it so unfairr?? Just HUG HIM ALREADY! <3_<3 much love Jason!xx