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Intensity intesifies
Can we talk about that drop of blood on the third panel. like seriously you are toooo good at detail. I'm just absolutely awestruck. And those shadows! God i would chop off my left hand for your skill!
Our boy is a regular Sherlock Holmes.
i feel like assistant is about to turn into a magical girl.
I just read the entire comic that's all I did today I just. I'm so overwhelmed by the storytelling and the art and my day this has just been an awesome day of listening to electro-swing music and reading my new favourite thing
I doubt they're siblings but they're probably all eachother've pretty close to siblings. theyre relationship is so adorable tho
all the ponytails...
i will give you the homo!
Lenore's name kinda makes me expect bad things to happen to her lol
This goes in my favs
:3 I can relate! I'm cursed to be really good at talking things out but I shake and hyperventilate afterwards... So I try to avoid the crap out of arguments.
*flabbergasted* there are no words....