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Hello, I am Leon and I dislike writing biographies. I hail from Canada, eh.
Here I will post my main comic, A Rose for the Dead, but I will possibly do other shorter stories in the future. Maybe even a BL series with a cheesy plot? Heh heh.
I like some manga (Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts, D.Gray-man), Utattemita (Mi-chan and Glutamine, mostly), Versailles (The band, although I would love to visit the place one day), Victorian architecture, and BL (Obviously). I am a digital/watercolour artist, a bassist, a wannabe vocalist, and an amateur programmer.
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@IvoryKiss: Thank you! ;u;
@snowblinded, ukia4ever: Thanks! :3
I meant to upload this last night, but somehow I forgot...
@Oku37: Oh man, I totally didn't realize they would appear that huge! I'm going to fix that right now. >_>
And thank you very much!