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I'm a fanfiction writer for DBZ but I love coming here and reading all the awesome comics people do! <3 I love anything with romance - I'm a sucker for it, and I also love minecraft. So that pretty much covers it.
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cute. ;3
Love how chivalry Martin has. It's cute watching Pea and him interact. <3 New favorite couple. ahaha BTW: The detail on the light on the window to show it was morning caught my eye right away. Nice job. ;3
Awe I love whenever the page turns pink with them. <3 Btw the timeline thing, great idea! I also think it was cool how you have Martin interacting with the bottom picture (our face book picture). xD It looks so funny and my friends think, what have you been up to, shame shame lol. Hopefully some of them will take the time to read your comic like I suggested. ;3
D; Nikey nooo D; damn you Chronus you jerk jerk! ahhh!
Yeah, when I see these kinds of dragons, I wonder if its because I either killed them before or didn't loot from their bodies because they didn't give me any dragon souls. ;( lol
Hard Choice
LONG POST: sorry:
I can't help but feel bad for both parties here. For Takuya it's been his duty to protect Maya and he's also loved her + promised to become future fiance. Yet present wise he's not really putting the effort into courting her.(probably because of what the queen said but eh) IDK, it seems like she's up for grabs so I can't blame Tanaka for trying.

Also if Maya ends up still liking Tanaka then perhaps Takuya will have to back off for a bit, but whose to really say Maya's feelings are completely gone either.

It really is a hard choice. My brain hurts. lol Now I wonder how bad Takuya's head hurts. ;(
Time for Takuya to take a walk down recap lane. Poor Maya, when she returns, no one will be around lol.
Welcome back. ;3 I had this comic on my favorites tabs for the longest time. When my computer got wiped, I lost it so I joined Smack Jeeves just to find it again, and here you are, updated! I'm so happy ;3 Welcome back !
Has happened to me before. I actually saw the dragon from far away and apparently he was attacking the giant camp. >.>; Silly dragon, I came in just in time to find out he was dead. ;( lol
Haha Felicas got everyone fooled. Thank goodness for that! (By the way love your work - couldn't stop reading after i opened it lol.)
I wonder if well actually see Gaia. ;3
I know what you mean by the annoying bark bark thing. I have not done the quest but //spoilers// there is a city that sells you pet dogs. All it does is follow me and bark, non stop. So annoying. He shall stay at home all day long.
This remind me of what I did in my game considering I spammed jump to get to the top of most mountains without looking for a pathway. (lazy) But like Naoto22 said they don't handle jumping down too well. The slightest jump can turn into a tumble and equal death. (Save before jumping) LOL
Made me laugh so hard, and you know someone as power hungry as Meredith would do something like this. I can't decide which is the bigger Grinch. Anders who blew up the Chantry or Meredith for locking up Mages.
Wise words!
I really like, 'Don't give up,' phrase just because it really shows that no matter the position the person is in, they can get out if they set their mind to it. Pea will really blossom i bet in the future. ;)
Is Gaia doing this? ;p I wonder because of what Metis said before since it's quite common. ;3
I really love Martin he seems so fickle over what to do. xD
Don't normally expect nuns to act like that then again their whole family is crazy. xD It's funny how they tell the girls to be decent but they themselves aren't. Anyways have fun on your trip. 頑張ってね。
Awe ;(
Poor Cassandra, I would have been scared. xD
This reminds me
Of the yog's cast video with all the bunnys in one house. I've been scared to make a farm after that. However I find this completely hilarious. xD
I feel this 100%
I stopped playing minecraft awhile back but a few weeks ago I picked it up again and the server I played on most had reset itself. No ones on anymore and I weep for my water elevator. ;( Anyways long story short I ran into scary monsters and built a pool near my new house. xD