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Rawrrrr people!
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Yes! I love reading this comic, can't wait to see!
Little gift :>
Little something I drew while you guys wait for the next update. :)
I finally get around to finishing five pages! sorrry for the long wait!
Since it was long wait, I give you guys a colored page!!! )ow)o//I nearly died trying to finish this page.

Also I made a page for this comic on:
I might be posting artwork sometime soon, but do stop by and help support if you like the comic so far. It'll help me out greatly
I'm back!!!
So happy late Valentine Day everyone! It take me few weeks to finally finish it today >w<. I would have loved it if it was out on the actually day, but at least its out now :)!
Enjoy the new pages as well, and soon I'll be updating them again.
Hi, I've been reading this for a while, and I have to say; your draws are lovely! just reading this paper gives me all sorts of ideas :3 o//w//o!
anyways I can't wait to see what happens next.
Haru, why is it your cute? and why do things go wrong when you really want to kiss Saiyu?
Katsu your pretty hot being pissy, but I wonder what would happen if you were to be a lone with Koko for a week, would you still live?
Kai, just who are you really? o.o can I touch your ears? :0