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Hello, I'm Gabe and I've been a member during 2011, been active-inactive, etc. Been doing sprite work, and I guess I can say that I've improved? Other than that, take it easy.
Best of luck with your run! I'm a fan of the unique art style
It was nice going down memory lane and reading the whole archive again :) I hope you find the motivation and time to sprite again!
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Wow. So that last page was a lie...after I got sick, I didn't find the motivation to make/post comics anymore so I just let my buffer suffer and ultimately...give up on you guys. Growing up after high school, I saw this comic as a nice little memory that I would show my friends. Imagine waddling this topic out of nowhere into a conversation...crazy, huh? And they'd all encourage me to continue...and all I had were excuses. The laptop that originally made These Days with me is still in my house...but sadly is no longer working. This was a great effort from 16 years old me and I think I have the mindset to continue and explore this neat little project of mine. There is a reason I brought these characters back (other than the fact I like them)...which will be revealed in a future time.

If you guys bothered to read this far, I do have an upcoming project called Black Rain...which is releasing on January 3, 2020. I literally have 13 weeks worth of updates for that comic as of October 16, 2019. I might as well delegate my other efforts into this comic too. As for font and stylistic changes, I will be executing them next page...I just thought I'd use the classic font one last time.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you guys...many, many, pages ahead.
@JoFro: Ayy thanks man. I do remember you, thanks for being supportive! I will be putting out more stuff very soon.
We certainly live for the wholesome moments, don't we?

Credits to Kyledove, Alistair, TheEnglishKiwi, WesleyFG for the Pokémon Beach...literally googled it and it popped up on Google images. Credits to Aveontrainer for the sprite bases for Red and Christine.
Hey guys! School's been pretty rough...haven't been able to do much in the way of updates, but I managed to churn this out within an hour. I hope you guys enjoy the short backstory.

And yes, Leaf is still named Christine in my universe.
Good job TomsManga...I'm really surprised that this was really short. But I'm glad that this fanwork tied things positively a little bit.
I wonder if Daniel Edmonson saw this...he was a notorious KétxBlair shipper
Now...I know it's inktober, but I don't really draw so I thought I'd pass the studious time in University by making these small (canon? ;)) comics to flesh out the characters a little bit. It's a shame that the Question of Character comic is defunct, so the closest thing I can do to that question prompts are the inktober day prompts.

For this comic, honestly...these next few comics are not linear in time progression so expect to be confused (and that's okay because these are short-possibly canon events). One thing I like about this comic is how I remade Gary and Red...I definitely took the time to redo their sprites back in the summer.

Credits to DestinedHero on deviantart for the Lilycove revamp!

(Also, I know I'm late...I'll upload these whenever I can/when I'm not working on the main comic)
I like this affectionate spin you put on Két now that her and Blair were posthumously reunited. Excited for what's to come
Ohhh shoot let's go! Guess we'll have a rematch of some sorts
Missing The Mark
Now, this was the title because, after this point, I didn't really have the motivation to continue. I lost it because: I was on vacation at a place with no stable wifi, and I was really intimidated by the number of strips I did in order to make progress (I'd later eat those words at a comic called Bloated Breakfast). But this was the beginning of Black Rain. While the prologue of the comic (which will actually release before January 3...) won't look like this, it was the foundation of something beautiful to come.

And I hope you guys are excited as I am.
Alright now for this comic, I started playing more with perspective and the idea that houses would've looked a lot more different than they do (due to the time skip of course). At this point, what I intended for Black Rain was to take place in the future, a decade after the events of Fire Red and Leaf Green...which would make Red and Christine around their mid-twenties. I modified Red's design a little bit to represent his growth, but then I realized that he was short (you'll see this next week)...and I ended up incorporating that into future scripts.
Discarded Prologue
Hey guys! I know my comic is far away from release, but there were some comics I made back around May...just got back to spriting but I wanted to try my hand with custom sprites, specifically Green/Leaf and Red. I thought that having this duality sort of split with the story was cool...but as I kept planning it, it didn't quite turn out as cool as I'd thought. There's two more in addition to this one, but it's just a hint as to what vibe I'm trying to aim for when it comes to the comic. I also changed Green's name to Christine, just to sort of change the fact that her original name is Leaf...and that's pretty unconventional. I may change it back on the future release though.
Damn...way to take advantage of Sylvia's hospitality
Haha nice job so far, can't wait to see where this goes. Remember to pace yourself so you don't burnout Thomas
Hey man, I don't know if you're still active but you should keep updating this comic! It has tons of potential :)
Hey @TOMSMANGA , if you want to add another comic on your profile, you click the dropdown bar that says "My Comics", and then click "Go to Dashboard". Then once you're there, you have the option to create a new comic.

Hope that helps
While prepping the release of my sprite comic, just thought I'd upload small minor strips that may or not flesh out the story. This panel is canon to one of my stories, Black Rain...releasing next year!
That Psyduck is going to get mad eczema