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Hello, I'm Gabe and I've been a member during 2011, been active-inactive, etc.

To make my sprite comics I use a Surface Pro, Advance Map for mapping and backgrounds, Paint and Paint.Net for spriting.

By any means, feel free to message me for any questions you have about my comic or about anything else :)
..Yes netflix exists in the Pokemon world..
@Shard: Uhh wow that covered a lot and I think I get the gist of how the system works, thanks!
@The Magnificent Z: That's pretty smart, I can see how one can cheat the system like that if you only update once every 5 weeks.
Just a question but how does the warning system work?
Holy tits this is so gritty! I'm loving it! Great job as always!!
To be honest, I think anything relating to food would make anyone the bad guy.
You are so lucky you have summer arghhh I still have finals to do ._.
Enjoy your trip!
This comic gives me a weird sense of happiness inside. Keep doing what you're doing! :)
I feel ya Jeremy. Also I did not intend to put my comics name on the second panel in case anyone calls me out on that.
Oh yeah^ By the time this update comes, I'm no longer sick.
Just asking, (and sorry if this has been answered already) who makes these questions?
@JoFro: Thanks man!
@Blizzard: Thank you! :3
You guys are awesome!
Josh for sure! (sorry not sorry)
Awesome! A Paint.Net fellow. Can't wait to see how that little kid acts like a thorn in Cal and Greg's journey!
@JoFro: Thank you!
@PKNESS: Thanks!
@!GamerDoom!: M'thanks!
@Extremmefan: Sinnoh exists in my version of the Pokémon Universe. But not Unova and Kalos (because of sprite limitations)
I'm curious, how long does it usually take you to make these?
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