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Power Move
Uh... Stan? Alice? You got balls big enough to pull a power move like this?

I'm worried.
YAY! CitrusCo! That's terrific!
Love the high angles at the end of this page.

Super nervous for what is to come next. I just want these two to be okay!
Exit seriously keeps a Cryptic Killer article in her iPhone case? She doesn't even need it, but it's there!

That's quite adorable actually. Sentimental. Cute? Sweet?

I love it. I really do!
I do like that her eyebrows are still red. That's a neat touch. But seriously, I am all about these two being squad goals for just bamfing it up side by side.

This is the part where she kills you?

This is that part.
Getting a delightful Shaun of the Dead vibe from Stan unpacking the DVD from its box before throwing it.

I worry about kids who play with Blast Radius toys growing up. I imagine his merchandise is that world's version of a Punisher shirt.
Grocery store armory actually puts Stan at a distinct tactical advantage. Kevin may be more powerful than him but unless he has the precision to stop all the items being hurled at him he may actually get warded off.
That is really clever power usage. Stan is up against the ropes for the first time we've ever seen and his quick thinking is impressive. I love watching how a character manages to stay afloat when going up against someone who outclasses them and Kevin defeats Stan in both telekinetic and physical strength. All Stan has on him is his wits.
Good job Kevin, your loose lips told your nemesis that you are most likely Amazingman AND that you have close friends who you care about a bunch.

The only way this could have gone worse for you is if you were in the backseat of a car being driven to the Homecoming dance while this shit went down.
Fwub you are SO right. I plum forgot that Alice "killed" him.
It's actually nice to see Stan interacting without any of the supervillain world to posture for. After his big rant about all "other people" being useless receptacles for recycled information, it makes me happy to see him acting decent and interacting with randos without the need to act or posture for anyone but himself.

I thought at first he knew who Kevin was, but the "he thinks he's talking to a high schooler" threw me off. Then again, he could always just think Amazingman is a high schooler.
Canta's eyes make me worried she'll be swinging fools from the rafters for going near her stalking prey.

And speaking of the masketta-man. He is looking so fast, so fine.

And art praise to the fingers in this page, every panel with hands is absolutely top notch!
FASHION! I love the frills!
Hot damn, Stanley. Want to turn that swag down a few notches?
How official are Company credit cards? Are they 100% indicators of someone working with The Company or are they like Disney credit cards where any rando could have Mickey or Donald on their preferred method of payment?
I can picture Bell just waiting for people to ask her questions to validate her greatness. That expression speaks how pleased she is to answer.
That mean ole Mystic is free? We have to protect the dinosaurs!
This is why we don't break Kayfabe. Poor little kids can't handle the soul crushing reality.
Andrew. How much did you charge this boy for your tech?