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How official are Company credit cards? Are they 100% indicators of someone working with The Company or are they like Disney credit cards where any rando could have Mickey or Donald on their preferred method of payment?
That mean ole Mystic is free? We have to protect the dinosaurs!
This is why we don't break Kayfabe. Poor little kids can't handle the soul crushing reality.
Andrew. How much did you charge this boy for your tech?
Understanding that there will not be any non public domain characters in Sire, does that mean that /technically/ Bruce Wayne/Batman exists in the Sire/Evil Plan universe because of his lineage? At the very least The Company or the villains they fight should have at least some Lineage Children, right?

Either way I've spent a lot of time thinking on Lineage Children "fan characters" for use in Tabletop, for some reason I never thought about using classic cinema. Mr. Jefferson Smith would make a FANTASTIC Sire. Their child doomed to fight corrupt Washington, media refusing to carry his message and completely broken by those with more power than him.
I think the biggest surprise is that Stan is in her room for this costume party.

Good for them!
Agent looks miserable prior to his force choke, I'm trying to work out who is having a worse day. Agent, Kevin or "Uni"?

I for one am fascinated by the heroes and want to learn about each and every one of them. Give Alice and Stan some time to tinker with their evil plan. Give Lemon and Lime a while to get back together. We can just watch the heroes until everything is fixed back on Earth <3
Good to keep a limit on the number of realities you survey. Prevents you from going full Rick & Morty.
Incredible page and thank you for the cameos!

The world looks gorgeous.
Gotta Jam got back together after all these years. I'm so happy!

And I recognize that fridge drawing. This update is full of delightful little things. Holy crap that tower speaker she is using, too.

I want Alice's office.
Kevin's file at the company needs to be updated to include his weakness. Though is it Alice specifically or an all around faith in humanity.

Y'know. Assuming the kid survived that.

I hope he's okay.
Called it.

Also please be okay Kevin!
Ooo, is Alice going to push them both off the tower expecting him to use his one telekenetic target on her?
@Cloudy: Good news. I'm compiling today!
On my end of things I no longer have the tools to update morphE away from my home computer and have been on a few business trips recently. (A shame, I'll have entire days locked in a hotel room in the next couple weeks).

I've been working on compiling to keep things flowing while I'm away though.
@Yesman: Thanks for pointing it out. Fixed now.
Woah, Red Minion! You don't need to snake up the ladder, bro. Don't be such an over-achiever. Just climb like normal.
If he cannot pull off lifting himself he could always try Magneto style pulling himself by his outfit or Static style riding on something he is telekenetically "throwing"... or go full Thor and just hold on to something he throws into the distance at full force.
Andy is not paid enough for this shit.

Did Oakley send him as a contact because he'd be the most perturbed by Kev's stupidity?