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You don't wanna know.
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Even though it looks like a filler it's not. Now you're probably wondering, why did he mutate? Well under cenarius's bio it says he can mutate whoever enters his world. Oh and Zack and Shaun feel free to escape in the nick of time if mutating is not your thing.
A better question is: Why would Shadow not have a deadly looking drill on the front of his car.
Right in front of me and zack? That's odd. Anyways I have an idea for a comic but spriters resourse is down so I dunno when I'll next update.
Wait a minute> Doesn't one of the critters (Who's currently portrayed as the game: Shaq-fu} have the gem of sonics (which is the pink gem)
I'm surprised I didn't catch this: in the title I spelled my name wrong.
lol this is one of my favorite ones so far.
Read next comic to find out
So in an unfortunate event I lose the core gem. This is the last of the three comics I made during the weekend to sorta makeup for all the time I was gone.
core Gem pt 2
Also I find the orange core gem (Not a dragonball as my dimwitted character implies) Where was I blasted off to? Find out next time. P.S sorry for not putting a motion blur on panel 3 but I don't have anymore.
Core gem
So in an explosion Porky is destroyed however only a smallpart of Mainframe (That's the name of the city, Right?) is destroyed.
School and junk.Also my computer caught a virus so it took me a while to get the money to get it fixed.
I'm Baaaack!
Geez its been about 10 months since I posted my last comic. If you don't know much about mother3 you probaly won't know what the Ultimate Chimera is. Also I know it should say mistook in the last panel but Porky is supposed immature so that's probaly what he would say.
In the last panel shouldn't it say "wasn't" instead of want"?
Didn't Plokman call next comic? Or is this Plokman?
I added a new background, the pizza place.
You've improved quite a bit.
Looks interesting I'll keep my eye on this if it gets good I'll fave it.
too much extra space for a town so I'll give it a 3.