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At this point it's pretty fair to say that whenever Atty sees a Clefairy pop up he hears the same thing as we do whenever Jason Voorhees does.
That last panel right there, pretty much the nexus of every Guy Ritchie movie ever.

Damn, now I really want to see a Guy Ritchie take on Pokemon. Would it be another heist movie or a straight remake with a little more flair? More importantly, would Jason Statham play the part of Ash or Pikachu? (On a side note, Brick Top as Giovanni!!!!)
I was kinda hoping to see Atty blow smoke in one of their faces like a total douche just to see if he could get a reaction. Well, I guess INTERACTING counts as getting their attention so flicking a cigarette at one of them or putting it out on them would probably lead to a battle.
@The_mad_one: I wanted a mission, and for my sins, they gave me one.

I've seen Clefairies... Clefairies that you've seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that... but you have no right to judge me. It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what Clefairy means. Clefairy... Clefairy has a face... and you must make a friend of Clefairy.

Or how about we take the whole "Clefairies are aliens from outerspace" angle and combine Pokemon and Alien? Let's throw a few Hikers and Bug Catchers suspended on the walls covered in an oily black substance. And as soon as Atty approaches them, the Bug Catcher starts writing in pain and a Clefairy bursts out of his chest screaming.
I'm waiting for this to turn into a scene from Predator. Clefairy will be stalking Atty from the shadows, staring at him in thermal vision and growling to itself while red triangles lock onto him. Before you know it, Atty will take out DT and Pikachu and have them shoot lightning and fire down some empty cavern while screaming at the top of his lungs.
@Guest: And here I thought this was a humor comic that drew inspiration from the surreality of the world Pokemon presents and how incongruous it is to our own perceived norms (i.e. the widespread social acceptance of kicking preteens out to the curb to travel the world as glorified poachers and dog/cock fighting trainers as opposed to seeking higher education and a job, psychic creatures resembling the latin alphabet, real time turn based combat, trainers spontaneously fainting after losing a match, etc.). It's not like the author hasn't taken liberties with the source material in the name of humor before or anything.

Regardless of its Japanese equivalent, the name of the move is and has persisted as "Splash" from Generation I onward in English and several different European languages. It's continual use means that the name isn't just a one off mistranslation but actually in canon with the game (at least in the western versions), making it a legitimate target for a joke taking the name of the move at face value alone. Even if we were to ignore the name entirely, in Generation IV and V the move is accompanied by water animation regardless of the terrain the battle is set on. This gives the spontaneous generation of water precedent regardless of move type.
Was actually kinda hoping the Clefairy would hold off on that and just keep following Atty around while chanting. Then Atty would reach the exit of the cave or another trainer in the know would spot it and run like hell before it'd set off. Kinda like a pink, whimsical, prolonged Chekhov's gun.

Or maybe it'd end up using Splash and we'd cut to a speechless Atty, stunned that not only had the creature before him managed to splash water on him out of thin air under a mountain while going uphill both ways, but it also put out his last cig.
@Pareidolia: I think that was supposed to be a reference to Dustin Hoffman's line from Midnight Cowboy. I guess that would make the Pidgeotto the male prostitute.

Hmm, part of me now wants to see the ending scene of Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman on the bus to Florida reenacted with the cast of Mokepon. Perhaps an alternate ill-fated ending to Stein and Elle's escape to Cinnabar Island sans the more explicit content of the film? Kinda like that mashup picture of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and St. Elsewhere.
Digital you say? Kinda reminds me of a cleaned up oil pastel or charcoal drawing. Not sure about action scenes, but this seems really appropriate for depicting flash backs. Or perhaps the post battle scenes of big fights where it focuses on the trainers surveying the aftermath. You know, pages where a lot of strong emotions has to be condensed to a few panels and time takes on a more intangible quality (i.e. cheering/crying scenes after the big battle is won/lost). Definitely good for chapter ending scenes with the characters walking off into the sunset and such, or dramatically entering the gym for a final showdown.

Maybe I'm just being greedy, but I also would've liked those zoomed out shots of DT and Bob staring down each other at the end to have taken up the full width of the page for added emphasis and to have gone on for more than two panels to lengthen the tension (e.g. if this were a printed comic then the first five panels would make up the left page and the zoomed out shadowy panels would take up the majority of the right). To me, the new art style really does a good job of depicting those standoff panels.
◉o◉ ಠ_ಠ O-O ó_ò ò_ó

Out of curiosity, is Atty a fan of Foreigner? 'Cause that was Cold as Ice!
My guess? We see Onyx's tail slam into DT from the same panel angle as when she was a charmander. Then it cuts to a panel of Atty and George looking shocked, and Stein and Elle looking ecstatic. Onyx lifts its tail slowly to show a flattened DT... only to reveal a large hole in the ground.

Or DT just catches to tail with both hands and pushes Onyx back. I'm still going to push the "DT used Dig!" agenda at every opportunity I get.
Aaaaand the velociraptor-like pokemon knows how to open doors. Great.

What's not shown here though is the previous scene where DT ambushed a Bob Peck lookalike right outside the gym while Laura Dern left to turn on the lights.
What, no 'Dancing in the Moonlight' or "Fly Me to the Moon'?

At some point in the story Atty should acquire a black beret and perpetually full cup of coffee, he's already got the smoking, drawing, and sour outlook on life down.

@MilaMiya: C'mon you guys, don't leave Caravaggio and Richard Dadd out in the cold too.
3 to 1 odds he's catching up on Top Gear on an iPhone, iPad, iTablet, or the latest Pokemon equivalent. Or, y'know, he's reading a Pokemon-for-Dummies booklet. Let's hope he's not getting all emo and self-reflective on us by reminiscing or *gasp* keeping a journal.

"Life is pain. Life is only pain. We're all taught to believe in happy fairytale endings, but there's only blackness. Dark, depressing loneliness that eats at your soul."
(Yet Another) Happy Birthday!

Yeah, Circle of Life started playing through my head as soon as I saw the birds enter the frame. I suppose somewhere out there there is also a wild Houndour or Poochyena eating some Meowth roadkill right outside a major city. It's these kinds of things that make Cubone's back story downright ghastly when you stop to think about it...
So they suspect the local gym leader over the fact that the forest was a poorly maintained tinderbox full of old dried leaves and rotting wood populated by flammable insects and electric rats?

Well alright I guess. It's a better back story than being kidnapped by an eagle and raised as its young before eating her and crawling back to civilization.
Wait a tick, isn't that the landscaper with the lawnmower (who I also suspect might have been the masked jerk) from earlier?

Edit: NVM, rechecked Chapter 2 and the guy clearly lacks a chin stripe.
That still only counts as one!
Been waiting to bust this out...
Well at the very least Atty could've gone the non-confrontational-dick approach and have DT set the grass on fire before leaving. Then as he's leaving he could passive-aggressively call out over his shoulder "Enjoy", "I'll leave you to it then", or "Feel free to use it as much as you want".
@crazybob: Did the same exact thing. Then I had to go and **** it up by catching missingno. *sigh*

Still, on my repeat play throughs leveling up still wasn't really a problem because I spent so damn long trying to fill up my pokedex. I swear I must've gained at least 8 levels trying to catch an Abra on the outskirts of Cerulean City.