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My internet has been cut off. I should be able to post soon . Older Volt sprites avalible. I would help people with there/your sprite.s
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Im back
i know its late and its back to school but im back for now
@Spar Elric: interesting.....

@Pyroxenite-The-Demonhog: what are you on about...?
Just trying out some stuff
@Spar Elric: I know right. Wen I get to a computer with internet I'll try to get rid of it.
The Bg's I get off a mate so im not really sure who made it....

Blue dog 'Fetch The Dog' belongs to bobert21

Yellowy hedgehog 'Volt' belongs to Ryku_The_Hedgehog (me)

Is this better then my others ones. I think so
dam im 2 days late............. oh well hb on 3 august
@Crateminister: Remind me... wat is physics again?
@Spar Elric:.... Volt: Did you have anything useful to say? >,>
@Spar Elric: lol. you aint dum
@Mix: yea I know. He lives near me but is hard to explain too cause he keeps forgetting >,> (I think he's stopped making pages)
should have made it bigger like 2x
@Spar Elric: my sprites are in the sprite page lol (ill update soon. just not now. Laptop died completly. ) But i got 2 others lol :P
@Spar Elric: I wanna be init lol. Cool banner tho
@Bobert21: you will find out later. Note: Nargar has left citrus now
a couple of minutes later:

Citrus: Im bored...
I like doing nothing.....
@Mix: i dont know but according to his other comic he's ment to be his dad -,-