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Hi, I'm Xiameng, and I like old stuff.

Hope you enjoy the comic :>
@Kit: huh, Smackjeeves ate my omake, b/c it was up there before. I reuploaded it.

Ahh, thank you! ;w;//
@constant_boredom: Well, she's still young, so it didn't really bother me that much. Although, writing from her POV was pretty difficult because I had to think of how she might view her dad, which was completely different from how the fans view him, sob.
@constant_boredom: I hope that in the next season we see Bunny consoling Kotetsu in some way, if there's going to be a next season (which is likely).

I may consider the idea, but that depends on how relevant it is to my next plot bunny, which is currently vacationing somewhere in the Caribbean.
@constant_boredom: I see them as somewhere between friends and lovers, because it's more fun to write about them when their relationships, ambiguous, lol.

Thank you~
Hope you enjoyed the comic :D.

In fanworks, I've only seen depictions of "Kotetsu comforting a sad Barnaby." It might just be me with bad memory, but I do not recall seeing anything that showed the other way around. With that in mind, I drew this, and uh I hope it's in-character?

As for the flowers shown throughout the comic, they're red spider lilies (or "higanbana" in Japanese, or Lycoris radiata in Latin). They usually bloom near cemeteries on the autumnal equinox. They are said to grow in "hell*," so they're associated with the dead. These flowers appear a lot in the anime Jigoku Shojo.

I had wanted to draw a sotoba on this page instead of a higanbana, but drawing them would require extensive knowledge of Japanese funeral traditions and kanji.

*In the Buddhist version of hell, it's more of a purgatory than a place of eternal punishment like in the Christian tradition.
Final page? nope.
I admit, when I was drawing the sketch for this page, I teared up a little bit drawing sad Kotetsu.
Almost there...
The page has not shrunk.
Oh my, the only page without bleed panels. No wonder the image looks smaller.
You know the only thing "How to Draw Manga" books are good for?

Explaining how the heck they do those hatching effects like the ones you see on this page. And I wish I have a copy of a "How to Draw Manga" where they explained hatching techniques right now.
Kotetsu's shirt is white here, just like in the flashback of ep 17. Just saying.
I was debating whether to use Fahrenheit or Celsius for the thermometer. I settled with Celsius because even though I live in the US and T&B takes place in alternate-NYC, most of the world uses Celsius. For those who live in the US, just google celsius-to-fahrenheit conversion or something.

EDIT: lol changed the number from 38 to 40 because I have no sense of temperature OTL.
I am sooo creative with SFX *cough*
man, this page took longer than it should have. Then again, I was watching a Fatal Frame 2 LP, lol...
@raishe: Yep! :D
If you guys don't know the significance of the flowers at the top, I'll explain it at the end of the comic.

For most of the comic I was consulting "A Drunken Dream" by Moto Hagio for paneling references. Mind you, I did not copy any of the panel layouts from "A Drunken Dream."
Scribbles I drew in less than 10 minutes.
My headcanon says that Kotetsu likes Rose of Versailles, lol.
The page layouts were tons of fun to draw. I'm a huge fan of free-style layouts, especially in shojo manga.

I felt that the Kaede comic had too much gray, so for this comic I went all out with the black.
@Boolsajo: Ahhh thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed them! I really don't know what to say now, I'm all flustered right now ;w;! At the moment I'm working on another T&B comic :D
Rohan at the Louvre?
Since Bunny's at the Louvre, and Rohan was at the Louvre, I decided to sneak Rohan into the last panel, lol.

Rohan is a character from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, fyi.
And here I advertise Rose of Versailles JUST BECAUSE.
Just in case you guys don't get the reference, they're talking about Rose of Versailles (Lady Oscar in Europe). And if for some reason you've never heard of Rose of Versailles, then get yourself acquainted with it ASAP! Read whatever chapters that's been scanlated so far! Go watch the anime! Just get yourself familiar with it, as it's one of the best shojo manga out there. The style may be outdated, but the story's great, and the protagonist is one of the best female characters out there.