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Dr Formaldehyde
I am the doctor of aeons, I was actually born in 1819, but the machine did not believe me.
I enjoy nothing better than a nice dissection and a mug of hot Formaldehyde, from which I derive my name, my original name has been lost in the years spent dead (1901-1992)
But I have now returned to continue my research, and humanity will crumble before my genius!
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At last we have emerged from the viod of the summer holidays.
Into the hell of schooling...
And yet there is hope
I have confirmed the exact identity of the headmaster, and will now take steps to ensure his reliabilty.
We also have good news! very soon there will be a fresh crop of small children to devour! For it will soon be P7 induction week, pass me that wok, we eat tonight!
oh my, a good attempt, practice more.
How very similar
This was spawned from observations of how similar the behavior of first years is to that of meercats
second heresy!
By the will of me I hereby name you Full-Moon-Psycho the twice dammed! until either you or General-E-Munk (guest) provides me with answers all author rights are revoked!
well done, that's how you spell Isaac Asimov, now, were you making a point or not? (evil sarcasm not intended)
for this heresy youn will be punished!
Comments deleted
I shall say this only once again, NO CHAT SPEAK!
Merry Something!
Here is a gift from us to anyone in need of an easter background, this one is at 1024x768 resolution but if you want a Higher or lower resolution one just ask
I cannot take all of this, now my own [restricted by the data protection act] has been turned against me by quite possibly someone I know, even related to, narrgh, and now you've made him feminine too, you just wait, my doomsday weapons are closer than you think...
Wait a mo
the comic RPG can be found at a different address, BLAH, and we will be playing a slightly more serious RPG, as yet undecided, but since It's your second post I'll leave this up.