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@Kinmotsu_no_Yoruu Lugia, when first encountered, lives in a cave that extends below sea level and is described as having mastery over both ocean currents and whirlpools; additionally, his silver feathers shine in the light of the moon, which controls the tides. As a converse comparison, Ho-oh's primary attack is a holy flame, he's based off a phoenix (sunbird), and he leaves a rainbow as he flies, which is refracted light. In a many cultures, the moon and the ocean are connected, as are the sun and the land.


AHAHAHAHAHA oh my god I haven't played that game in so long ;-;
I think the rapist just got raped.

In his own mind.
@Kidversion: On the last month, they get overrun with a massive wave of enforcers and end up dying.
@Raxki Yamato: I forgot his name, I know it's Reed now.
Raph, never sneak up on a woman.

Poor bastard's gonna leave cracks in the floor when she judo's him into next week.
So his power is a double-edged sword. He can heavily damage or destroy spirits and enforcers, but it tears up his own body at the same time.
Everybody do the Plot Twist! -conga conga-
And Blue's mind goes kerSNAP
September 27th, 2013
Even killers need some Linkin Park. Guess it's suitably depressingly aggressive...

That better not be Xeol's shadow we see in the background though.
So his spirit energy is aligned to... panic and mental breakdowns?
September 16th, 2013
@Enkiu: Just a trace? Those are the eyes of a killer D:
Make an account on first. Then, near the top left, there will be a link to register a new webcomic. It does a nice, clean job of running you through the process, and then you can put the voting link up on your site.
Mmm, he sold his soul to a devil, but now he's having doubts.

If this goes the way I think it's going to go, he won't be having doubts for much longer.
"Y'know, for studying?"

Studying more efficient ways to kill the Enforcers than training them to dive on Dave's spear.
I can just SMELL a power play coming up. Xeol x Hiro vs Zen, sure why not
Quick, shove more spaghetti into your face so you don't have to answer!
He laughed.


Of the century. Oh, the things that you wish you could tell people.
Atty has a heart? What?