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I'm an artist who loves to draw more than anything, only rivalled by my love of writing. I also love to read a good comic, so I'm on here a good bit.
Muppet Sink!
It's a sink... that looks like a muppet.

Yeah, I love doing chibi-style for comedic moments, although I might go a little overboard...
This is The Cover
Yay! It's my first cover to not feature purple as the main color!

This chapter is out of my comfort zone; I used more ink than usual, drawn on smaller paper, and uses less screen tones. I felt it necessary to show that in the cover. :D

Speaking of, I love my new hair coloring technique! It's a lot of fun.
Rock this Ish!
This is a beautiful thing. I loved the cartoon jail house from my thumbnail so much I had to redraw it for the final page.

Also, I changed the background to a houndstooth design. It's a lot of fun!
(PS- why is it called houndstooth, anyway? It doesn't look like a hound's tooth...)
This is a page that I really had fun with, despite it being rather boring in layout. I love having fun with transition pages.
The Other Half.
This is the fun part of my layouts for this chapter.

The weird text is Emerald's language. It's loosely based on japanese, but the tet looks more like numbers...
Layout Fun!
I've had a lot of fun with the layouts for this chapter. I tried to vary them and make them fun.

As for this page, I tried to make it look like a labyrinth of city streets.
I had a lot of fun with the layout here. I wanted to make the blackboard look like it's own panel within the big panel.

As for the Professor's drawings, that is exactly what my thumbnail for the page had for the art. I decided to keep it so that he had bad art skills. xD
Hello, Screentone!
My plan for this chapter is to have more backgrounds and less screentone. I think that I've succeeded, at least on the less screentone front. The backgrounds are still finding their way into the art.
More From the Peanut Gallery!
This chapter was drawn on different paper than the previous chapter, which is why the linework looks cleaner (to me at least). It's a little heaver (and smaller), so I can focus more on the quality of line instead of the size of the line. I think it looks better.

What do you guys think?
The Family Jewel?
Welcome to Chapter 2! This page is uploaded on a wednesday because the splash page was uploaded on tuesday, our normal update day.

I had trouble coming up with the title for this chapter and it's pages. There is a sense of cohesiveness that this chapter has that almost makes it wrong to name the chapter or the pages.
I really like where your story is going! I'm looking forward to it. :D
@Andrea C.Castro: Thanks for reading! And I'll try my best to go look at it. xo
Coming soon!
This isn't the cover for the chapter, but it is a really cool experimental picture. I added the animal prints last, so that it'd look like it was screen-toned on.

Anyhow, May is the date! Look forward to it!
In the mean time, I'll be doing some fun little 4-panel gags!
And ever, and Ever, and Ever.
Yep, it's 12 pages, but I am trying to get you guys the whole story this time instead of meandering on forever like last time. The page count is going to be small this time, but I'm sure you won't mind...

This page was difficut for me. I wanted Mana to stick out more in the bottom panel, but I decided to make her stick out the least.
Here it Comes...
This is the second-to-last page of the chapter. It's good to know that I've successfully started this story up again.

This page was a lot of fun to draw because of the fun page setup. Look for a lot of fun page setups in the second chapter and beyond. I'm going beyond my old square-and-rectangle panelling.
And so Mana gets the ring! MY PRECIOUSSSS~

I had some trouble while making the thumbnails for it. I wanted to show off the ring again, but not be so obvious like earlier in the chapter. I figured I'd just do my best, and so this happened. :D
...Feeling Gorgeous!
So y'all, this is a day late... sorry! I swear I had it in the queue to be posted yesterday.

In any case, this page was another page cut off by my glorious scanner. It's a great scanner, but it hates BChromo, apparently.

Anyhow, a major scene change is coming up!
Welcome to the Jungle!!
This is the "cover" for the series! Feel free to enjoy it.

I attempted for it to look like a storybook, so I added a texture to it and made it look all cute.
I Need More (scanning space)
This page was fun for me to draw. I love eyes, so it was great to draw a ton of them up close.

During the scanning process, my scanner would NOT capture the whole page. That's why Ranji's face is cut off at the bottom. For whatever reason, it just wouldn't take it. I decided to just keep it.
I didn't realize that I hadn't put in backgrounds until I finished everything. So I used the screentones to fill it in.
Hopefully It's not too bad.