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I am the best. I like Manga, Anime, and sprite comics. Yep. Here's all about me:

Reading manga
Eating snacks alot
Evening hour, playing games
Even liking Uboa.
Rocking the world!

Heh,heh, that's me!
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    Doesn't have a X,Y, or Z
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Has to feel that in the morning
He sure brushed his teeth
@Sorakai: The reason i ask is... I HATE HER! Sorry for Sally fans but she is just annoying to me. Sorry
@Drawkey: I didn't do anything with any glitches
It looks like a fat boulder and the fish looks like a bike
Squint Your eyes, On the left you'll see a white spider with a butt-head. It also has a star on it's head
The blue things look like a leg and a V.
It says:
He's flicking the finger.
Tilt your head. You'll see faces
I see bikes. Like 50000 bikes.
@Bre Ishurna the Wolf: Yes. Poor Pikachu indeed. He looks like he got chopped in half
This is what happened to me: With pokemon Yellow, I was seeing how Pikachu was doing, and it froze like this.