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I am so ready for this comic to be updated. I want to know what happens with Mars!
January 18th, 2016
He totally just said the wrong thing -_-'
Paris probs got pregnant the night her and Anshelm got drunk and bumped uglies. So in a sense they were trying to do the right thing for their unborn child but later realized it was never really going to work out. It's the "love story" of an entire American generation, really.
I KNEW IT. From the moment she threw the book, I knew this was going to happen.
Something really really bad is about to happen.
I love your artwork! I just can't get over the amazing style you have :)
LOVE THIS!!! And so excited for the new chapter!
There are so many cute things about this page I don't even know where to start! Love the drawing style :)
I know that I said it once already but I'm going to say it again. Man, I missed them.
I've missed them <3
This page made me so happy :)
I love Kenzie :) He's my favorite!
I love the last panel. Just something about them being back to back while having this conversation is appealing
I cannot get enough of these guys. They are just so cute!
"Look at me." I love it!
yay for two page update! Can't wait to see the next page :) I'm so glad to see this comic being active again!
I love everything about this page!
TEAM SHIZU!! Kaoru should get with CSP
This is getting goooood :) Looking forward to what happens next!
Awwwwwwwww :3 His face!