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i'm great to meet,out going person,computer tech.

Likes:video games,funny or anything that make me lmao,girls,milf and girls.

Dislikes:two face people. ugly people and being broke.
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Dear god this is funny.
I eish i could do dat in da game dere
I sense some type of injustice coming dere
Got his arse kicked dere. Shameful that link got his arse kicked as well.
darn!, that was hilarious
The super hylian or fierce deity link will rise but with out the deity clothes.
@Thriller Man: Oh really? i've been calling this since; i don't know..... over a Freaking year!
Now that i wasn't expecting.
This..... shall be epic. *Riiiiiiiiiiinnnggg!
welcome back sir. i was thinking that this comic became a dead project, anywho... welcome back.
oh yes!!!! * dialing phone* *Ring ring ring*
hayooo silver away!
@qazox: when that time comes, please let it be someone like you who picks up the phone, so you can say we called it.
I'm still calling it. mario will get it from Ganondorf.
@JigokuNeko: i did not. i hope to see some later on, lol.
@JigokuNeko: i never knew girls still let it go bushy down bellow, sorry. din't mean to
no undies?