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[ 25 || No gender, 'it' || panromantic asexual || Shipper of BillDip, Klance and Sheith || lazy || sleeps under rocks || hates a lot of stuff || has a collection of homoerotica books ]

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May 11th, 2018
These two are so freaking precious...I can't help but want to hug them both 😍
Noooo! This is breaking my heart! He needs so much love right now...somebody hug him! Or wrap him in a comforter burrito and give him a cup of coco
@ameoname: np joke my hair is untamable so I always keep a headband over it and put it in a bun XD
It's like she doesn't know humans take forever to get ready! They have to brush their teeth, comb their rat nest for hair-like gurrrrrl it takes a lot to look fabulous. :D
The cover of a webcomic I had been reworking from a few years ago. I think I have improved since the last time I posted lol hope you enjoy :3
This made me laugh so hard I walked right into the fridge was worth it
Kisame and wolf boy are the kings of sass XD
I kind of thought Kisame would be wrath. He's always a big ball of anger XD
The last panel is my reaction to every stupid person I meet XD it's like he's saying "why me God? WHHHHHHHHHHHY MEEEEEEE?!" Lmfao
Ooooo they dun goofed on that XD does they mute demon have a name? He's fun :D
I love that you added Altean in there XD I guess you're a fan? :) and not going to lie...I ship the demon and the blonde (even if they aren't gay I'm doing it anyways!)
@Hitohai: ....can someone say "stupidity at his finest?" XD he's my favorite so far cause he's so over dramatic lmfao
Wait wait wait wait wait....hold on...he crashed...a moped? (Or is it a scooter?). is that even possible?? ?
OMG is that the villain from the end of chapter two?! Please say it is *w*
December 22nd, 2016
New launch of an old webcomic lol
March 12th, 2016
Oooo I have a question for Engel! Why are you so amazing? Like seriously, you're like a prison tamer or something it's freaking awesome! And also, how are you so vicious yet such a cutie sinnamon roll? (misspell was intentional lol) you just make me wanna hug you >ω<)
omfg she just doesn't give up! i swear i would have already pulled out the crossbow already cause jesus christ-urgh! She's so effing annyoing >.>)
January 12th, 2016
Because of you I have to clean up the kitchen counter XD that last panel made me spit out my drink and I choked cause it went down the wrong windpipe. Thanks a lot but omfg I can't stop laughing it's too funny!!
December 7th, 2015
Change the link colors all of them are black and I don't know where I'm clicking lol
Lmfao I think I would have shoved cotton balls in my ears to not have to listen to all that noise XD