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Neon the Sniper Joe
Here I am, a Centurion.
Hey, if anyone can give me tips on how to make better speech bubbles, that would be very appreciated.
Ooo, a plot to rejoin!
[Stuck in school.]
I wasn't gone for a few months, nope not me.

@BoltOfSpades: That would be me. Chaos Master found an old one by me that had no image, but I found out it was merely an announcement page. It was immediately deleted.
Woah. Those costumes are awesome, especially the Cerebella.
Hahaha, I forgot how to sprite.
Well, time to re-edit the page I was about to upload.
So the most dangerous antagonist list is currently:

1. Chorus

2. Genderman

3. 1ce_k1d's soul-sucking-thing

4. Shamas

Did I miss anything?
Wait now I'm confused. I thought Chris and Lynn were still with everyone else?
It seems the chase is on!
@Alienoid: Hey friend

I was told Punchy was back

I'll tell another friend
@Mastermind9: If at all possible, maybe another running sprite and some walking sprites? I really love that kick sprite, so maybe a punching one too? Thank you! ouo
hell yes this is amazing.

I'd rather you make the sprites, please. *coughIhavenotalentwhatsoevercough*